Right, it's come to my attention that there seems to be a bad level of animosity and users quitting around here. I for one could never leave the wiki as there is still so much I have left to do. So I thought the best thing to do was to raise wiki-moral with a song I created.

Song Name: Beautiful Wiki

Parody of: Beautiful day, by U2 (it's my favourite song!)

Made by: Silverspark

Note: It's really bad, but try to enjoy it. Oh, and play it to the tune. It helps

The parody

An account is born. Starts to edit the wikia

It makes mistakes but continues with lots of love

Then they’re out of luck. ‘Cause their computer just happened to die

But they log back on. After screaming “why why why”?

Then they made some friends. Who were the blessing of their life

On the internet of course... but they relieved all strife


It’s a beautiful wik-i-i-i

Editing with feelin’

It’s a beautiful wiki-i-i

Can’t ever let it go

On a roll. Edit counts are always climbing

The users are great. They always stop to say hi, and

I love this site. Even if I get into strife

Because I knooow, that it's gonna be alright


It’s a beautiful wiki-i-i

Can’t ever let it go

It’s a beautiful wiki-i-i

Eeeex, deeee-e-

Mes-sage me!

Take me to a talk page soon!

Teach me stats

So I’m not a hopeless n00b!

See Fedora, pre-dic-ting

See FH undoing vandalizing

See the edits counts climbing up high

See TDR getting incredibly nigh!

See blogs made left and right

See the users talk day and night

And see the Admins setting things straight

And I’ll tell you what, it’s absolutely great!

Yeaaah Yea-a-ah!

It’s a beautiful wiki!

Can’t ever let it go!

It’s a beautiful wiki-ay-ay-ay

Mes-sage me!

Show us that the info’s right

Ke-e-ep us free

From spam, vandals and the fights

And the site is so great I can never frown

It’s always fun to watch countdown

And the site will never let me down, never let me dow-wn

It’s a beautiful wiki!!!

logs off for the day

Ok. I know that was absolute crap, but it's the best I could do. Feel any better? Silverspark out.

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