While pondering the depth of the TD wiki not long ago, I thought about how hard it must be to maintain a site that tends to attract a lot of rumours and users. I also thought that perhaps we aren't giving the admins enough credit. Think: They have to enforce the site from vandals, who are a constant nuisance, put up with the whiny remarks from insubordinates and maintain the wiki and keep things running smoothly. And lets not forget, they also have their own life to handle too and I think sometimes, it can get very stressful for them.

That is why I thought I should pay my respect to them and thank them for doing a wondeful job here and helping to make it a fun and safe environment here. They certainly have done an outstanding job and I think it's fair to once in a while pat them on the back and tell them "You've done a great job!"

That is all for now. Silverspark out.

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