Ok, yesterday I managed to achieve an excellent milestone. As of an edit to the Harold page, I HAVE 1000 MS EDITS!

I know many would think thats not much to cheer at, but its a great feeling, knowing that your persistence has paid off. I don't believe I could have made it without the help of a few good friends.

  • ~*~ishni*~*~: Truly an honourable and kind friend, skilled in the art of "xD"

Aimers: Probably one of the best friends I have here! Smart funny and kind, I jujst can't describe how awesome he is!

Ultimatechocofan: Many of you may not have heard of her, but she is an epic user on the Whp You Gonna Root For? talk page, who it is really fun to talk to!

TeamMu: I really can't thank you enough for teachiing me how to do all that cool stuff! You really are a very helpful user!

Breakingmikey: An awesome team mate, excellent editor and even better friend. It's almost like God made an account.

TDIFan13: How could I ever forget this incredible user? Ryan has been like the greatest mentor to me! He is was and forever will be one of the greatest users that ever made an account here!

LandryC: You can always count on this guy to brighten up your day!

BarBar: BarBar has been really supportive of me when I was at my lowest points here and has been an al round good friend. Thank you very much!

Intrudgero98: I don't know if you go here anymore, but even so, you were an awesome user and an incredible friend!

Uros Bjedov: He is a kind and hard working user! Like the ultimate example to new users of what they should aspire to be.

Gary the Gaget Dude: Whenever he is on, its always a suprise as to what comes out of his mouth. He's a great pleasure to talk to. In fact, we once.... never mind

Cdisney3: The first friend I ever made here. Silverspark is very happy now.

Buy why stop there? That onnly scratches the surface.

I'd also like to thank Iheartmarshmallowsauce, Bridgettebarf, Anju Kapoor, Gwenfan120, Wolverine1717, Psychid45, Musou, CD-TDA, WM, Freehugs41, AJ, Comic, MTDM (gives him a hug), Nalyd, Fedora Kid, Codykins, Chrisfan4vever, EvaBridgetteGwenrocks, Numbuh3, SierraFanGirl, NinjaIzzy, Kgman04, TotalDramaAddict, Bridgettebarf703 and so much more than that! There are too many awesome users here to completely list.

I know this may be making a big deal over nothing, but its a great monument for me. If I've forgotten your name, please remind me.

Silverspark out

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