Welcome back to Total Drama Rap Battles! Dakota won suprisingly. If you're wondering why I didn't ask you to vote on this one, it's because I thought of this myself for Daunte (Twilightlicious). So, I give you,




Well well well, look, what do we have here?

A Justin 2.0 who came here cowering with fear!

This will be over quickly, if you think that I'm wrong,

I'd put on a real swimsuit,not a dumb maroon thong.


I wouldn't be talking, son, cuz I'm better than you.

If you don't belive me, believe Bridgette, and her pole too.

You're the worst antagonist I've ever seen,

So being you right now, would not be as it seems.


I had an audition tape, there was only 5 words!

You didn't have on at all, you're just too f**king absurd!

I won all the girls hearts, even Owen's you cad,

So jump off of the plane son, cus your looks are just sad.


Well, gee, DAD I didn't know that's how you felt,

but really TDA, your strategy just smelt,

only THREE girls were attracted to you, one of them just faked,

Saving that princess must've been a huge mistake.


Being burned alive? What a huge joke!

Maybe Heather is a princess, you big noble oaf!

I will always be a legend, you're just an overrated a**hole!

Sorry, but your victory is in another castle!


It's in the next one you "cad" what does that even mean!

Am I lookng at you? I'd rather be in the Drama Machine!

You can't end this thing! That's my job!

Now go back home son, go up to your room, in your pillow, start to sob!


Vote in the comments and keep suggesting guys!

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