Welcome back to Total Drama Rap Battles. I know it seems like it hasn't been a week, but actually, it's been 1 1/7 of a week. So here is gonna be the Battle 6.






Obviously you're a blonde

so intelligence, your not very fond.

Now before you start rapping, let me teach you somethings,

I'd say that you just hit your head on a bell that never rings.


So what, I gave up! At least I didn't get eliminated!

Before you enter battles, have the luck you antcipated!

So you're a CIT huh? I'm so BO-RE-D

Before you cross with me, make some rhymes that aren't horrid.


I guess I taught you well, cuz you clearly can see,

you're just doing this cuz your jealous of me.

Your flow is running cold, it's okay,it's only summer,

Is it possible for you or Beth to get at least a little dumber?


Sorry, you were talking, oh I really didn't care.

Your dead in the water, and Heather stole your hair.

Now if you had good idea for once, and actually earned something,

I'd tell you, "Your sucessful" but instead, you're a nothing.


I seriously wouldn't be talking, cuz you were smart for one episode.

Before I beat you anymore, I gotta do my laundry load.


Okay that's great for you, I'll throw you on the ground running,

But if I were you, I'dve won before the train stopped chugging.


There, I'm done, now you can fold my laundry for me,

here's a full verse, I'll be sure I'll win Victory


Now stop right there, cuz clearly is no challenge

Now before you interrupt me again, let make this s**t balanced.

You got no reason to be here, you're just a naggy b**ch

Now get your a** out of here, before I unthread this stitch.


Please rate each battle as they come along now, and what was good and bad, I love feedback so just keep on typing!

And don't forget to keep suggesting! We need more ideas to keep this blog going.

See ya next time on TOTAL DRAMA RAP BATTLES! I AM A STEGOSAURUS! Chicken 23:33, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

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