Hey guys, it's Ashley again!! Scott I'm going to say


Let's watch battle 2, voted on by Jack, requested by Raptor,





Who you gonna root for?

Who's it gonna be?

You backstabbed me, and now I'm angry, so it won't be Cody!

Do I have to make it clear, how much I freakin' HATE YOU?

I think I do, jerk**f, Imma bout to freakin' SKATE on you.


Could you be less creepy, PLEASE!

At least I have a fan girl, why are you a rapper,

Do you wanna make the world hurl?

Good lord man, have a little dignity!

I'm gonna win this battle by 1 X infinity!


If you think you won the battle, no this is not over yet,

It's like as this were TDI, and we had just begun to met!

Your not perfect, I'm not prophet,

your about to lose this battle, ain't no need for ME to speak about the topic.


You did great in TDWT, you ALMOST WERE TO BEAT ME!

Just lying b**ch, you were out third, see?

I got third place, that's the opposite of you,

and I'm about to make this critical,

You? A rapper? Yeah, TYPICAL.


Way to insult me, you freaking failure of life,

I'm way ahead of you, in everything except your smurf height.

You gonna hurt me sonny? No I didn't even think of it,

Now I'm getting out of here, I can't take much more of this.


What you giving up, b**ch? Have you had enough?

Well now I'll have to go hard, and kill you, and stuff!

Your girlfriend, she hates you, I was just thinking,

How you gonna get another one, in case you were sinking.

Who won? Who's next? You decide!

Vote in teh comments again, Vote who should be next!

Sierrastalker has a new siggy, baby! 14:25, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

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