Everyone else is writing a prediction, so I guess I should. 

Fourteenth Place: Scott


With Scott on the Villainous Vultures, it's obvious he's going to blow the challenge. Since they know that was his strategy before, they will correctly assume he's going to do it again, and vote him off. Also with the fact that he got 4th place in the last season, so he'll do poorly as expected.

Thirteenth Place: Sam

With the Villainous Vultures getting rid of their challenge thrower early, I predict the Heroic Hamsters will be on a losing streak for a long time. What made me chose Sam to be the first of the Hamsters to leave was his irrelevance to this season. He had nothing going for him in Revenge of the Island, and it's not going to start for him here.

Plus, his lack of skill in challenges and his excel in laziness will be his downfall because with him not doing challenges, he will be an obvious vote off the island.

More to Come!

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