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    Everyone else is writing a prediction, so I guess I should. 


    With Scott on the Villainous Vultures, it's obvious he's going to blow the challenge. Since they know that was his strategy before, they will correctly assume he's going to do it again, and vote him off. Also with the fact that he got 4th place in the last season, so he'll do poorly as expected.

    With the Villainous Vultures getting rid of their challenge thrower early, I predict the Heroic Hamsters will be on a losing streak for a long time. What made me chose Sam to be the first of the Hamsters to leave was his irrelevance to this season. He had nothing going for him in Revenge of the Island, and it's not going to start for him here.

    Plus, his lack of skil…

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  • Sierrastalker

    Gif Reaction Game 1

    October 21, 2012 by Sierrastalker

    Welcome to my blog. Would you like a cookie?

    No, that's not the point. I wanna start a new game!

    This shows you how one would deal with a situation using a gif.

    Ex: Your cat eats his own poop (not an appropriate example, but whatever.)

    Reaction: D:

    1) Only appropriate situations are allowed

    2) No curse words in your gifs.

    3) You may react yourself, and then watch other reactions, just to compare.

    4) Your situation may be related to other things than Total Drama

    Once this is over, I permit you all to share the idea, I did not make up myself. Yeah, I found this on the Victorious Wiki (don't ask, it's a long story.)

    I'll start the game.

    Situation: Dawn actually wins TDI

    Gif:*insert dancing gif here*

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  • Sierrastalker

    Hello. I know you wondering, WOAH, THIS ISN'T A RAP BATTLE! Well, I still ended those, so, stop persuading me to bring them back.

    Anyways, if you are familiar with NicePeter and EpicLLOYD, you must be aware of Epic Rap Battles of History, original idea by NicePeter. But he's not the only one with his own channel that raps for entertainment. EpicLLOYD has a show on his channel called Dis Raps for Hire. I thought "That's so nice! He helps people with their bully problems through rapping!" Then I thought, "He shouldn't to this alone. I WILL HELP. :3" So, if you have any bullying problems, please wrote them in the comments, I will pick the one that is most extreme, and this'll take a week in the most to complete. So stay tuned, for Ashley's Dis…

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  • Sierrastalker

    I quit.

    August 25, 2012 by Sierrastalker

    I can't take this anymore! I've one

    Been replaced

    TWO, been ignored

    AND THREE, just plain old left out!

    I will not log on to a computer 4 maybe 5 if I'm lucky times a WEEK for god knows how many hours, and be treated like I am not a user on this wiki! If you want me here, (which, let's face it, YOU DON'T.) you treat me with respect! Not once like today have I been as mistreated or disrespected than I have in my entire LIFE! I was sharing more information cuz everyone had to cry over people THEY care about, but not people I care about! That's just a slap, kick, and a spit on the face combined to what you did to me! SuperMario replaced me, I thought it would be sucessful, but let's be honest, NOT THAT SUCESSFUL! TWO of his rap battles are in the t…

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  • Sierrastalker

    Welcome back to Total Drama Rap Battles! Today we have some BIG news, but I'll explain it all at the end. To start, I would like to announce the winner of Battle 6, Lindsay! I'm not quite sure what these two have in common, but I got a suggestion for it, so, here it is....






    I'm not sure what we're doing here, but I guess that I can live with it,

    You won't stand a chance in this battle, can you think of this?

    I hope your ready for this cuz I have a pop quiz,

    you will never compare! You'll never be the man your mother is!


    I didn't know you were my mom! You learn new things everyday!

    Your birth certificate is an apology from the c**dum factory!

    The most persistant of them all, that's the one they call you!

    Now step aside, …

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