The process of elimination in this season is similar to the ones in Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour. The elimination still takes place around the Campfire, like in season one , four and five and the symbols of safety are still marshmallows and the loser get a Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom. After a contestant receives the last marshmallow, the eliminated contestant has to take the Robot Of Shame , representing their elimination from the competition.

Participant Team Status Placing
Cody Nerdy Nerds 1st Voted out
in 100% Toxic Waste Free
16th Place Non-Merged
Brick Crazy Freaks

2nd Cheated Out in Boomy-O returns on Aww-la-la

15th Place
Owen Crazy Freaks 3rd Voted out
in Boomy-O
14th Place
Dakota Crazy Freaks 4thEliminated
 in Bomb-ee Godness
13th Place
Beth Nerdy Nerds 5th Quit
 in Beth and Brady ?
12th Place
Ezekiel Crazy Freaks 6th Voted Out
in Same Old Food Fight
11th Place
Noah Nerdy Nerds 7th Banned
in E-Merge-Ency
10th Place Merged
Izzy Crazy Freaks 8th Eliminated
in Crying Onions
9th Place
Justin Nerdy Nerds

9th Voted out
in Lawwwl!!

8th Place

Leshawna Crazy Freaks

10th Voted out
in Aww-la-la

7th Place
Bridgette Nerdy Nerds 11th Disqualified
in Classic Challenging
6th Place
Sadie Crazy Freaks 12th Injured
in The Annoying Twin
5rd Place
B Nerdy Nerds 13th Eliminated
in Sierra Rapz
4rd Place
Anne Maria Crazy Freaks 14th Eliminated
in The Queen On The Crazy
3rd Place
Brick Nerdy Nerds

Winner in An Explosive Finale !
Runner-up in Dawn's ending

Dawn Crazy Freaks

Winner in An Explosive Finale !
Runner-up in Brick's ending


  • Sierra appeared in two episodes.
  • Lightning appeared in one episode
  • Jo Appeared in one episode
  • Heather appeared in one episode.
  • Alejandro appeared in one episode.
  • Amy appeared in one episode
  • Beardo appeared in one episode

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