13th- B B was clearly added at the last minute and since he does not talk, he has pretty much no personality.

12th- Staci Staci is one of those characters that you don't really know why, but that has lots of fan. But she does not have any potential.

11th- Sam Sam is a rude gamer stereotype mixed with Seth Rogen, calling gamers GAMING ADDICTS and people that LIVES FOR VIDEO GAMES. Sam does not have any potential either and I don't know why he was in All-Stars, cuz he is clearly not an All-Star.

10th- Dakota We better eliminate her soon because she will get transformed into Dakotazoid and be ruined.

9th- Dawn Dawn is a fan-favourite, an overrated one, but still a fan-favourite. But she still has no potential.

8th- Mike Like Sam, Mike is a rude stereotype. And the removal of his personalities in All-Stars WITH A PRESS OF A BUTTON. WTF?! DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED HERE!

6th/7th- Cameron and Anne Maria Cameron is no finale material so 7th place is good for him. As for Anne Maria she was a very interesting character with some potential.

5th- Lightning Lightning was just here to make us laugh and he succeeded. So that deserves nothing more than 5th place.

4th- Jo Jo is like the new Eva and just like eva, she has lots of potential!

3rd- Scott Scott was one of the most unique antagonist in the franchise so he deserves 3rd place.

2nd- Zoey Zoey was like the typical season girl, pretty much like Gwen in TDI, so she needs to be in the finale.


1rst- Brick Brick is like the underdog, he is funny and an overall likeable character. So he deserves to win it!

So that was it for my TDRI elimination order! Agree or disagree? What is your TDRI elimination order? Tell me in the comments below!

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