Hi! Ive made this blog to make you change your opinion about Max. Im sure i will get alot of hate comments on this but its okay if you disagree. And this blog is totally spoilers free so dont worry about getting spoiled.

Reason 1 : He is Hilarous I think the producters did a great thing when they created Max he is funny, not too mean. It might be the funniest character of the whole TDPI cast. 

Reason 2 : He Is Interresting It is very interresting to explore Max episodes by episodes.

Reason 3 : His design Sure, Max dosen't have the most beautiful or interressting design but i just like his design with his purple hair (just like Sierra) ,his gray sweater and he is very kawaii.

Reason 4 : Max needs more love Almost no ones like/love him and i dont know why ? Maybe because he is a failed antagonist or maybe he is too small, i just dont know. I was very dissapointed when i saw a poll on the TDPI Wiki called : Who is the best TDPI character Max only recieved 19 votes 19 VOTES, just think about it !

Reason 5 : He is just always mad and its funny in episode 1 his face when he is mad looks like grumpy cat

What do you think about my blog ? Do you like or hate Max ?

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