After some research, scowering youtube, and looking over page views, I have made a list of what I believe to be the most popular World tour songs. If you have anything to say, just e-mail me and I'll see what I can do

The top 30 Popular World Tour Songs:

1. We Built Gwen's Face

Apparently this is the top favorite TDWT Song, It could be the ABBA refrence and the popularity of Mamma Mia

2. This Is How We Will End It

We all found out about Heather's and Alejandro's attraction to each other in one episode at sometime, and due to its increasing popularity, it has earned it way into the number two spot

3. Her Real Name Isnt Blaineley

Perhaps one of the funnniest songs on World Tour, Geoff sung this to get back at Blaineley/Mildred for what he did to Bridgette. And maybe we all want to do this same thing to someone we hate!

4. Boyfriend Kisser

Some may not know it, but Courtney is one of the most popular contestants on Total Drama, and her relationship with Duncan made them the most famous and popular couples. And some may have hated what happened between Duncan and Gwen.

5. Wake Up

One of the catchiest songs in the series, this song sounds close to something out of The Lion King. However, it may have been Duncans Second 'up' Which gave it the numbers

6. Condor

Cody hasn't sung since Before We Die, and many of his fans wanted him to sing. So his solo won his fans their wish and gained this songs popularity

7. Im Gonna Make It

Life is a Highway may have been popular with some fans before Total Drama, so this familiar tune brought the attention to its viewers

8. Sisters

Single Ladies by Beyonce it a famous song, and maybe Harold's dancing or Leshawna's dancing caused some humor in the song. But most likeley the hatred shown twoards Alejandro reached out to some fans

9. Sea Shanty Mix

'Its a sea shanty, and its darn catchy!' "Oh they can catch fans, with a Sea Shanty!"

10. Come fly With Us

The very first song gains its way into the top ten with all competetors having at least some lines and some solo's Like Noah's famous Come DIE with Us!

11. Shear The Sheep

A rock song for the rock loving fans of TDWT

12. Versus

The final World Tour song may have be a AleHeather duet (sort of)

13. Who You Gonna Root For?

The little Heather rant and H-Bombs rap became a lucky combo for TDWT number thirteen on this list

14. Im Winning This

Best way to support any of the final three for Alejandro / Heather/ or Cody fans.

15. Blainerific

Perfect song to sing in the shower, Blaineley should have used her real name. But this TDWT song is complete

16. Greek Mix

Has to be one of the songs for Gwuncan supporters. And the I Will Survive refrence, had to be a nice touch to the song knowing whats going on with Duncan and Gwen at the time.

17. Gypsy Rap

The first time Gwen ever rapped. EVER! And most likeley the last song Cody sung before Condor.

18. Chinese Lesson

Sierra's high note may have thrown the song of a bit, but was pretty good.

19. Paris

Cody only spoke in this song, Sierra had the longest lines. All I got.

20. I'm Sorry

Potentional Regretting-my-big-mistake-song, Bridgette's solo stole the hearts of her fans, but sadly this song my not have been all popular

21. Rowin Time

Sililar (almost) to Lovin time, the amazons solo makes RT number 21

22. Strip Them Down

Courtney's solo at the end kept this song out of the bottom five.

23. Eine Kleine

While Lindsay remembered Tyler, that may have been why only some viewers liked it. But not all

24. Oh Izzy Mix

One of the saddest songs on Total Drama, no-one wants to see Owen sad.

25. Before We Die

While giving the viewers a glimps of what they wanted to do before dieing, some viewers may not love it that much.

26. Save This Show

Charity may not 'fit' on Total Drama'

27. Stuck To A Pole

What Alejandro did, may explain STAP's number on this list

28. Whats Not To Love?

Maybe some New York viewers didnt find this song to be all that good.

29. Baby

I guess, this boy-band song wasnt so popular for some reasons

30. Lovin Time

"Scarabs, get busy now/ Make out till the break of dawn/ its matin time for scarabs 'Nuff said...

If you want me to do anything with this, DONT EDIT THIS PAGE, just E-Mail me.

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