I know that since TDROTI is coming fast, and some people are excited and all, but I just wanna say something. No one take this the wrong way, but I think that some fans should just put some things on hold until season four airs.

Im not trying to get on anyones bad side, but after scrolling around the wiki for a while. And I noticed fans are already jumping into things like couples and teams and ROTI didnt air yet! Im not saying anything negative, but I think that we should just hold down these until it airs.

I posted this on the ROTI talk page already, and someoen told me they were excited. I know that, but some fans are a bit to psyched and like I said earlier "jumping into things" faster than usual (or average....)

I was on the TDROTI talk page earlier, and I saw the following:

- A poll for Favorite Team

- Userbox that read "This user is a fan of Zoey, their even in the club!"

- A poll for favorite Contestant (So Far) [Well, I understand thos one!]

I dont have any negative feelings for the fans doing these, but I'll admit I did this same thing earlier before TDWT aired and this happened: I was hoping that Noah and Heather would end up a couple and Trent and Gwen would get back together. And I was all hyped up about that (Plus, I heard a rumor they would head to the Phillipines and Im half Phillipino) And when I saw TDWT, I was a tad upset that Heather and Noah didnt end up as a couple and the same with Trent and Gwen (You can guess how I reacted with the DxG kiss....) So this time, Im just waiting until TDROTI airs, and THEN I will revert to my Sierra-Leveled FanGirl Alter Ego #6 and jump into random things and hear the voices of the TD contestants as I sleep (Thats just me, Im not saying for anyone else to do that some thing, unless you already do..)

Final Words: I just think some of us should wait until Revenge of The Island airs before getting into teams, favorites and couples (Yes, crack couples count) thats all Im saying. No negativity towards everyone else. Now I have to get back to accounting before my teacher closes this window from her computer

A lot of fans are already judging this season! Plus, if you have a DA (DeviantArt) account, you may kno that there is an Anti-TDR club! I kno some of us want the vetrans to come back, But I do remember reading some where that there maybe a season five where the vetrans RETURN!!!! Please let some others know, and tell some people in the Anti-TDR club on DA to read this! Thank you!

97, 98, 99, 100! Everybody hide! Cause Pikachu's Coming! 18:59, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

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