1. Said 'Hey Geoff!!!' at the TV screen when he said 'HELLO OUT THERE DUDES!'

2. Had a FanGirl moment when you heard your favorite contestant sing in TDWT

3. Sang 'Eine Kleine' from World Tour when you heard Beetohven's 'Eine Kleine Natch'

4. Done something stupid and refer to it as a Lindsay Moment

5. Labeled as Sierra by your friends

6. Copied Harold's Beatboxing from Not Quite Famous

7. Sang Blainerific or another TDWT song in the shower

8. Made your own Total Drama elimination table for any season

9. Had a cruch on a TD contestant

10. Askes someone: 'Are you Tyler?'

11. Quoted a line from a TD contestant

12. Called the number from the Aftermath-Attack of The Telethon

13. Uploaded I Wanna Be Famous on your iPod

14. Pointed out a guy's *cough* rape face *cough* on Youtube or other sites

15. Sung I'm Sorry to someone you hurt

16. Gone as a Screaming Gopher/Killer Bass for Halloween

17. Sang along to any of your favorite TDWT song

18. Saw a random couple make out at school and thought of Geoff and Bridgette

19. Attempt to find a Total Drama episode in a different language

20. Saw something gross for a meal and asked 'Who let Chef in the kitchen?'

21. Had a dream with Total Drama in it, and was upset when you woke up

22. Fainted like a FanGirl when you heard Bridgette/Cody/Heather/Noah/Harold/Gwen/Ezekiel/Tyler/DJ/Duncan/Owen/Lindsay/Izzy/Leshawna/Your top Favorite Contestant sing for the VERY first time in TDWT

23. Psyched out when an atagonist was voted off

24. Daydreamed of or saw your crush and heard Lovin' Time in your head/fantasy/daydream

25. Notice your favorite food gone and said: 'Did Owen get in my house?'

26. Tell someone: 'FOR THE LOVE OF DANCE, STOP!'

27. Saw someone dressed as Tyler/ a picture of Tyler online and said 'Lindsay, I found Tyler!'

28. Stopped breathing when you saw Duncan and Gwen kiss

29. Dreamed of a Total Drama World Tour soundtrack

30. Questioned Lindsay having a brain

31. Had a Total Drama Fan fight

32. Took a TD Personality quiz

33. Printed out a Picture from DeviantART of Total Drama

34. Notice Courtney had a different personality and voice actor in the very first TDI episode

35. Screamed 'YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!' along with Tyler when you found out Lindsay had a Brain

36. Dreamt of being on Total Drama

37. Cried when you favorite couple broke up

38. Sung 'Sea Shanty Mix' in water

39. Heard a fart and thought Owen?

40. Sung Wake Up when you woke up once/Sung Condor to a bird?

41. Ended a sentence with 'Gosh!'

42. Saw someone who looked like a TD contestant and almost/completeley freaked out

43. Attempted to buy a product seen on any Total Drama series

44. Wanted Mr. Coconut in TDA/TDWT

45. Explained Total Drama to a friend who 'told ' you to shut up already

46. Planned a TD themed birthday

47. Done something Close to this

48. Called someone by the wrong name like Lauren, no Lilly wait..... Lindsay!

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