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    Okay, you know Creepypasta's right? If not, Creepypastas are online stories and urban legends which are supposed to subconciously (I misspelled that, I know) scare the reader. You can find many creepypasta's online and on DeviantArt. One common theme for CP is Pokemon, I wrote one and Im waiting for replies. But I thought to myself "How come no one has written acreepypasta for Total Drama?" So I decided to write a CreepyPasta for Total Drama! I figured that since I wrote some sories before (Which reminds me, I have to put up the links for the rest of "Cody and Noah" I was able to finish) I could write a Total Drama CreepyPasta!

    So if there's anyone who could write a CreepyPasta, has a knowledge of horror film plots, or is just good with wri…

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    I know that since TDROTI is coming fast, and some people are excited and all, but I just wanna say something. No one take this the wrong way, but I think that some fans should just put some things on hold until season four airs.

    Im not trying to get on anyones bad side, but after scrolling around the wiki for a while. And I noticed fans are already jumping into things like couples and teams and ROTI didnt air yet! Im not saying anything negative, but I think that we should just hold down these until it airs.

    I posted this on the ROTI talk page already, and someoen told me they were excited. I know that, but some fans are a bit to psyched and like I said earlier "jumping into things" faster than usual (or average....)

    I was on the TDROTI talk …

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    After some research, scowering youtube, and looking over page views, I have made a list of what I believe to be the most popular World tour songs. If you have anything to say, just e-mail me and I'll see what I can do

    The top 30 Popular World Tour Songs:

    1. We Built Gwen's Face

    Apparently this is the top favorite TDWT Song, It could be the ABBA refrence and the popularity of Mamma Mia

    2. This Is How We Will End It

    We all found out about Heather's and Alejandro's attraction to each other in one episode at sometime, and due to its increasing popularity, it has earned it way into the number two spot

    3. Her Real Name Isnt Blaineley

    Perhaps one of the funnniest songs on World Tour, Geoff sung this to get back at Blaineley/Mildred for what he did to Bridg…

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    Have You Ever?

    October 27, 2010 by SierraFanGirl

    1. Said 'Hey Geoff!!!' at the TV screen when he said 'HELLO OUT THERE DUDES!'

    2. Had a FanGirl moment when you heard your favorite contestant sing in TDWT

    3. Sang 'Eine Kleine' from World Tour when you heard Beetohven's 'Eine Kleine Natch'

    4. Done something stupid and refer to it as a Lindsay Moment

    5. Labeled as Sierra by your friends

    6. Copied Harold's Beatboxing from Not Quite Famous

    7. Sang Blainerific or another TDWT song in the shower

    8. Made your own Total Drama elimination table for any season

    9. Had a cruch on a TD contestant

    10. Askes someone: 'Are you Tyler?'

    11. Quoted a line from a TD contestant

    12. Called the number from the Aftermath-Attack of The Telethon

    13. Uploaded I Wanna Be Famous on your iPod

    14. Pointed out a guy's *cough* rape face *cough* on Youtube …

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