• Sierra-noahfanatic12

    I look outside and I think of Katie and Sadie. They are both great bffs', the weather is just how I wanted it, I just ended my freshman year of High school today. Katie is the one I want to analyze this week. Katie, 5th voted off TDI and didn't qualify for any other season. She deserves to be in Season Four more than a lot of characters like Lindsay, I am bias, but Lindsay, Ezekial, Trent, Geoff, Owen and Gwen are my least favorite characters. Other than Ezekial, we know a lot about each of them. They have major social, psychological, or dietary problems. Katie hasn't been shown to have any problem other than her need to always be around Sadie. Once we know these characters well enough, we should get to know some of those other characters.…

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