Okay in case you guys didn't know I saw on a press release that Teletoon will air TDPI here on Canada on September 4th and they are doing it the traditional way only once a week, so thank goodness for that.

Also, now change of subject. I heard that Ridonculous Race is a new series that Teletoon already green lit it, so does that mean that we get a new show, or is it just season 6 of Total Drama? If it's season 6 then I see something weird that Cartoon Network has no idea that Ridonculous Race is coming so they might not even show it if they don't approve the show. However if it's a new series then I can see just Teletoon airing it first and then Cartoon Network airing it the following year after it is successful here in Canada. New Canadian series do usually take at least an year to show up in the states.

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