So during the chat reunion last night, I caught up on some Total Drama related things, learned about the two new seasons, and saw the "All-Star" lineup. 

It's pathetic.

So I made my own All-Star list of 13 competitors that would surely make the show infinitely better. It wasn't easy as it looked, but let's see if I can go off by memory what my list was.

The Total Drama All-Stars Roster if I Were in Charge:

1. Duncan

2. Izzy

3. DJ

4. Gwen

5. Noah

6. LeShawna

7. Harold

8. Lindsay

9. Heather

10. Dawn

11. Sam

12. Dakota

13. Brick

Eligible for entering the game mid-way: Eva, Jo, Cody

In the show as Chris' pawn rather than a competitor: Courtney, Owen, B

I'm sure it's not a perfect list; it sure doesn't feel like it but that's because 13 is a crappy number to mandate for the roster. Even one or two extra slots like in TDA's roster would make all the diffrence. :\

But yeah, that's my dream list of a real Total Drama All-Stars. 

Already I can imagine cute stuff happening like Dawn and DJ bonding. :3

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