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  • I live in Kentucky
  • I was born on January 11
  • My occupation is Mail and File Clerk at CCP IRS
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  • Shinneth

    I'll preface this with an apologetic acknowledgement: since I don't keep a constant eye on the movements of TDW and haven't for years (or maybe never have just to pre-emptively nip that in the bud), I might be retreading old ground here, and if so, my apologies for that.

    I've been a Netflix member for a long time but only today did I start to use it to take some screencaps for TDW. First I made an updated Mr. Coconut, then updated an old pic that was long overdue . Seriously, is Gwuncan still so taboo to the fanbase that most will only update it if it's absolutely necessary? :P I'm kidding, of course. But seriously, the original pic is dated January 29th 2009. It was screencapped straight off Teletoon's website during the very brief period …

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  • Shinneth

    5 Days & 8 Years Ago

    December 17, 2016 by Shinneth

    It was 2008, December 12th. Probably a cold day with dreary gray skies just like it is today. But regardless, some ambition grew inside me, and having never been involved in any wiki beforehand didn't stop me from making my first edits on the Total Drama Wiki (back then, was known as Total Drama Island Wiki).

    Back then, it was a very different world. All that existed at that time was the original Total Drama Island season and the the TDDDDI special, though it had only aired in Canada back then (I believe the US release was actually less than a week after my first edits - actually, its anniversary is tomorrow!). Though Total Drama Action was in production at that time as well, and many of us were eager to see how the series continued.

    My very f…

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  • Shinneth

    All-Star THIS!

    July 6, 2013 by Shinneth

    So during the chat reunion last night, I caught up on some Total Drama related things, learned about the two new seasons, and saw the "All-Star" lineup. 

    It's pathetic.

    So I made my own All-Star list of 13 competitors that would surely make the show infinitely better. It wasn't easy as it looked, but let's see if I can go off by memory what my list was.

    The Total Drama All-Stars Roster if I Were in Charge:

    1. Duncan

    2. Izzy

    3. DJ

    4. Gwen

    5. Noah

    6. LeShawna

    7. Harold

    8. Lindsay

    9. Heather

    10. Dawn

    11. Sam

    12. Dakota

    13. Brick

    Eligible for entering the game mid-way: Eva, Jo, Cody

    In the show as Chris' pawn rather than a competitor: Courtney, Owen, B

    I'm sure it's not a perfect list; it sure doesn't feel like it but that's because 13 is a crappy number to manda…

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  • Shinneth

    Time to get Serious.

    May 25, 2012 by Shinneth

    So I haven't shown up here for a while.

    To be honest, the last few times I frequented Total Drama Wiki, I was not having a good time.

    First, I'm being threatened of losing my b-crat status because I'm inactive. Yeah, that's great incentive to have me back. Yes, I have been much less active as the years go by. But as I recall, I was made a b-crat because I had made enormous contributions to TDW back when it was much less... polished, so to speak. My edit count may be low by today's standards, but I always emphasize quality over quantity.

    It wasn't just images (most of which got replaced thanks to the Total Drama blog and more available resources to take better screencaps) that I contributed to this wiki. I wrote the bulk of several articles; ch…

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  • Shinneth

    Throughout the week at work I thought about doing a blog post here. I haven't posted on my LJ since November and I honestly haven't felt much of an urge to post there even now, yet there are still some things I want to get off my chest. It's been a rough few months for me; April especially. For those who don't know, I work full-time with the IRS now as a clerk. Much as I'd like to tool around here during my breaks, most wiki sites and public areas are blocked from my computer at work. Oddly enough, Bulbapedia and the Bulbagarden forums are still accessable, so I spend a lot of my time there as well as writing my giant fanfic while direly needs an update.

    Anyway, I've gone through some tough times both at work and online. It's made me feel a…

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