(Sorry, I've been absent so long, well enjoy!)

Remaining contestants: Topher, Cody, Kitty, Samey, Noah, Emma, and Brick



Chris:"Last time on Total Drama Crazy Challenges, things got a little dangerous and well, crazy for the remaining 8 contestants, sadly, the surfer girl Bridgette got into the giant rocket, who will go next, find out right now on Total......Drama.......Crazy Challenges!"

(Theme Song plays and ends)

Chris: "Wake up already!"

Topher:"What's the hurry"

Chris:"Well, today I thought I gave you a special treat, a nice.......dangerous and insane challenge for you to possibly die in!"

Kitty:"That's our treat?"

Chris:"Well yeah, what were you expecting, a nice feast or a break this week?!"

Kitty:"Well yeah!"

Chris:"Well I wasn't planning that!"

Chris:"And I also decided to do a classic, the paintball challenge!"


Cody:"Don't you hate these kind of challenges??"

(Confessional Ends)


Topher: (chuckles) "I know Chris's every move, sooner or later, I am going to be the host and Chris won't know what hitted him!

(Confessional Ends)

Chris: "Now chosen randomly ,it's time to get your weapons!"

(Everyone groans)

Chris:"So Topher, you get the cannon! Noah, you get the grenade, Kitty, you get a Paintball Rifle, Emma, you get the Slingshot, and Samey, you get the Bomb of Paintballs!"

Chris:"The rest of you, Cody and Brick, you have to fight the others with no weapons, just the paintball themselves, hope you get enough to explode it,(chuckles)"

Cody:"How is that fair?"

Chris: "I dunno, but it is!"

Topher:"No way! You can't defeat me!!!!!!"

(shoots both Brick and Samey)

Topher:"You guys can't mess with my perfect-o fair!"

(shoots Kitty and Emma)

Chris:"Deathmatch! Remaining people, Topher, Cody, and Noah!"

Topher:"End of the line small punk!"

Cody:"Wait! Let's get Noah first then we fight each other ok?



(Shoots and misses)

Topher:"You can't betray me!"

Topher:"You're gone, small dude!"

(Shoots Cody)

Topher:"Bye Noah!"

(Shoots Noah)

Chris:"No! My least favorite contestant on this island got invincibility! But, I'm feeling nice today, so Topher gets invicibility!"

Chris:"You can bring 2 people to safety tonight!"

Topher:"Wow! I choose Noah and Brick, because hey they did try hard!'

Brick:"Thank you sir!"

Noah:"Thanks, man, now you're one of my best buddies!"

Chris:"I only have 3 marshmallows on my plate and the ones goes to"

Chris:"Cody and Kitty! Psych! Both Emma and Samey are going!"

Emma:"Wait what?"


(Launches Samey and Emma)

Chris:"Only 5 remain! What dangerous challenge shall I prepare for them next time on Total....Drama.........Crazy Challenges!"

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