Chris:"Last time on Total Drama, 9 contestants fought for survival in a nasty fight with me and chef, dressed as the zombies. But turns out that wimpy Cameron took the Bomb of Shame. What surprise will be in this week? Find out right now on Total.....Drama.........Crazy Challenges!"

(Theme song plays and ends)

Topher, Cody, Kitty, and Samey, Bridgette, Noah, Emma, and Brick

Chris:(Blows airhorn)"Wake up ! Cause it's something you've been waiting for like a long time!"

Topher:"Being a host?"


Kitty:"Have fun adventures?"

Chris(slightly annoyed):"NO!"

Brick:"Going to army camp?"

Chris(angrily):"FINE FOR PETE"S SAKE I WILL TELL YOU! It's the merge"

Noah(sarcastically):"Woohoo! Rah Rah."

Chris:"That's better"

Chris:"Just today, we will split into teams of 2"

Chris:"And it's randomly chosen by moi"

So Team 1: Topher and Brick

Team 2: Cody and Noah

Team 3: Kitty and Samey and

Team 4: Emma and Bridgette

Chris:"This challenge is pretty simple, dash through the obstacle course, if you hit it, you're out!"

Brick:"This is just like boot camp!"

Chris:"Not exactly, but kind of"

Noah(sarcastically):"Wow I am so excited for this"

Emma(also sarcastically):"I know right?

So ready set dash!"

"So first obstacle" Chris said, "The big bad cars!"


Chris:"Ohh that eliminated Team 4"

After the final dash...

Chris:"And the winner is......Team 1 and 2 since they get a tie!"

Chris:"The marshmallows goes to Samey and Emma"

Chris:"Also to Kitty"

Chris:"Bridgette you're out!"

Bridgette:"But how?

Chris:"It's doesn't matter"

(Hurls Bridgette)


Chris:"Finally a scream, oh yeah see you next time on TDCC!"

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