Chris:Last time on Total Drama, we had a scary and creepy episode. Man that was awesome! (maliciously chuckles) But it turns out that Duncan and Gwen, everyone's least favorite "couple" besides zoke, eesh! That they took the Bomb of Shame! Who is going to take the big fat bomb of destruction this time?  Find out right now on Total....Drama........CRAZY....CHALLENGES!!!!!!"

(Theme song plays and ends)

Chris:"WAKE UP YOU LAZYBONES! Chef and I decided there should be 3! Yes 3 HORROR TERRIFYING Challenges this season! So this time it's zombies!"

(Bridgette, Topher, and Cameron gasp)

(Noah rolls his eyes)

Chris:"Here is a map of Pakhitew, isn't it big?"


CHris:"All right that is IT! Let's cut to the chase, me and chef will dress like zombies, and if we catch you you are automatically eliminated!"

(Everyone gasps)

Chris:"From the challenge that is. Unless you want me to eliminate you for reals!"

(Everyones says no!)

Chris:"Since I am feeling nice today, I will let you get a 5 minute headstart! Great isn't it!"

Noah:"PFF! 5 minutes just get me now!"

(Chris grabs Noah and puts him in the bag, Noah screams for help)

Chris:"Well that breaked the ice, didn't it?"

Chris:"Oh yeah, I forgot something, we will put you in this bag when you are eliminated!"

(Everyone runs)

Chef:"Are you sure this is safe?"

Chris:"Who cares about safety?"

(Chris and Chef Hatchet laughed evilly)

(The campers split into 3 groups)

Team 1:  Emma and Kitty

Team 2: Samey, Cody, and Cameron

Team 3: Brick, Bridgette, and Topher

Topher(in confessional):"Last time, I called Chris and it didn't work, maybe I'l put it to rest for a teensy-bit"

Brick(in confessional):"This is just like when we are in the army, I AM LOVIN' IT!"

(Meanwhile in Team 1)

Emma(trying to stay positive):"Well at least you're still here, without NOAH! (Sobs)"

Kitty:"SHHH! Emma, Chef and Chris will capture us!"

Chris and Chef(Dressed as zombies):"Correction, we already caught you, MWAHAH! "

(Emma and Kitty scream as Chef and Chris each puts them in a different bag)

Chris:"Well 3 down, 6 to go!"

Bridgette(whimpering):"I dunno Topher and Brick, I don't feel safe in this challenge, it's really scary."

Brick:"Sir don't worry I will protect you sir!"

(Light footsteps about 50 yards away)

Bridgette(whispering):"Guys do you hear that, they are catching up! Let's run!"

Brick and Bridgette run

Topher meets with Samey

Topher:"Hey Samey lost track of your team too?"

Samey:"Yeah Topher, yeah!"

(Samey comes out as Chris)

Chris:"AHA! I fooled you I already captured Samey! You're next now Topher!"

Topher:"Is it just me or are you getting even creepier today?"

Chris:"Nah I am just sadistic that's all!"

(Captures Topher and puts him in a bag)

(Topher screams)

Remaining teams(and members:

Team 1: Emma and Kitty

Team 2: Samey, Cody, and Cameron

Team 3: Brick, Bridgette, and Topher

(Brick and Bridgette meets up with Cody and Cameron)

Cameron:"Hi! Did you guys saw them?"

Brick:"SIR YES SIR! Sadly MY fellow teammate and soldier Topher has been captured!"

Cameron:"THat's terrible, Samey has been captured too!"

Bridgette:"Well guys want to merge and make ourself one team?"

Cody:"Well why not?"

(Suddenly a chilly wind came through)

Chris(through horn):"(scary voice) You guys are about to be captured! (Normal voice) Darn that horn ruins everything, oh yeah you better run, cause we are behind you!"

(Brick turns around and saws them)

Brick:"Run soldiers run!"

(Bridgette and Cameron run with Brick)

Cody:"Darn my shoelace is untied!"

(Chris and Chef captures Cody)

Cody(shrugs):"Meh I saw that one coming"

Bridgette:"How did this island is so foggy now?"

Cameron:"In case if you watched Pakhitew Island, you saw in Scarlett Fever that this island is artificial! Thus, it has weird weather on it!"

(Bridgette and Brick stare blankly at him)

Cameron:"(sighs) In other words this island is fake, and it has some strange weather everywhere, understand now?"

(Bridgette and Brick nods and keep running)

(Chris and Chef came from the other side and captures Brick)

Chris:"AWW, we only caught one of them!"

Chef:"Want a smoothie, Chris, my man?"

Chris:"Why thank you chef!"

Chris:"You are now promoted to Lowly Chef!"

(Chef makes an angry face)

Chris:"Hey at least that's better than Stinky Stupid Chef!"

Chris and Chef caught Bridgette and Cameron)

Chris:"Since we caught both of you, we could have a double elimination, but that means less episodes! And less episodes mean less ratings! And less ratings equal no happiness for moi!"

Chris:"So let' s let the fans decide!"

Chris:"Well vote below which team should lose, the Screaming Snakes or the Crazy Kangaroos? Well let's get voting!"

Screaming Snakes:Cameron, Topher, Cody, Kitty, and Samey

Crazy Kangaroos: Bridgette, Noah, Emma, and Brick

Which team should lose this episode?

The poll was created at 20:39 on February 14, 2016, and so far 9 people voted.

Chris:"Well so the fans finally decided! Well guess what? I wanted the Screaming Snakes to lose too! Well get voting! 

Chris(happily):"I am happy to say that one of our fans least favorites, or sometimes liked, Cameron is eliminated! So the rest of you, get your smores, cause we have a celebration because it's my birthday, and partly Cameron's elimination!"

Cameron:"What? How could eliminate me? I was a team player!"

Topher:"Well I talked to Cody, Kitty, and Samey, thought you were the weakest link in our team, sorry dude!"

Chris:"Well not my choice!"

(On the Bomb of Shame)

Chris:"Any last words?"

Cameron:"Well bye, but I will be back... well someday I hope?"

Chris:"Now that's the attitude!"

(Swings Cameron away)

Chris:"What thrills, chills, and spills will be on next time on Total Drama Crazy Challenges!"

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