Screaming Snakes: CameronDawnTopherMacArthurMike, CodyKitty, and Samey

Crazy Kangaroos: GwenDuncanBeardoBridgetteNoahEmmaLindsay Brick

Chris:(explains what happened last time)

Chris:"With only 11 campers left in the game, who would win the million bucks? And what crazy and nasty food would Chef cook? And what insane challenge would I let them do next? Find out right now on Total Drama Crazy Challenges!

(Theme song plays and ends)

Chris:Today will be the craziest challenge you like ever had!"

Duncan:"Yeah right"

Chris:"Oh the challenge was originally the craziest fun challenge you ever had, but since "Duncan ruined it", we will now thanks to Duncan, have a crazy dangerous challenge! Everyone say thank you Duncan"

Everyone(especially Gwen):"THANK YOU DUNCAN!"


Gwen(in confessional):"Fine I admit I am still a little bitter after what happened in All Stars, uh! I hope that I can purposely lose and vote him off tonight!"

Topher(in confessional):"Oh boy I am finally going to be the host! Wait till you see my plans!"

Chris:"You today will be dodging piranhas on a boat, last survivor- er I meant team wins!"

Gwen(in confessional):"I don't want the other campers especially Duncan, to think that I am purposely losing!"

(Gwen stands near edge)

Bridgette, Brick, and Noah:"Gwen, you will get killed!"

Gwen(worried):"Nah it's o-"

(The Piranha gets Gwen)

Chris(over mic):"Yeah it's a horror challenge see if you can survive the night, a mystery guest called the Piranha will be capturing you guys!"

Topher(over phone, in deep voice):"Um, well I am the producer of the show, and I want to um replace Chris with the amazing and handsome Topher"

Chris(shocked):"WHATTTTT????????????????????? Wait a sec, aren't you Topher?"

Topher(in deep voice):"Um no!"

Chris:"Fine then what is your name?"

Topher(deep voice):"Wait a sec got to go! (nervous chuckles)"

Chris:"Hmm something is supspicious!"\

Cody and Kitty:"Thanks a lot Topher, thanks to your loud voice, the Piranha captured the rest of the team!"

Topher:"Well so-ree!"

(Meanwhile the Crazy Kangaroos keep building the fort for the night)

Duncan:"Well I better go get some wood for the inner room"

(Suddenly it starts raining)

Duncan:"Well I am going to gather!"

Bridgette:"I am a starting to notice a pattern, when someone is by themeselves, the get kidnapped!"

Duncan:"(sighs), fine I choose Bricks- a lot"

Brick:"SIR YES SIR!!!!!!!!"

(Brick and Duncan went to get wood)

A few seconds later..........

Brick and Duncan:"(SCREAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)"

The Piranha(mystery and deep voice):"Mwahehehe, I heard them, now I got them!"

Topher(on the phone and deep voice):"Well I like Topher better!"

Chris:"THEN WHAT IS YOUR NAME???????!!!!!!!!!!!"

Topher:"Wait a sec I got um amnesia!"

Chris:"(scoffs), yeah right!"

Topher:"Um sorry my phone just um drowned! (throws phone in a puddle)"

Topher(regular voice):"Well there goes my phone!"

(Muddy footsteps is heard)

Topher:"Duncan nice try you can't scare me!"

Topher:"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!(as the voice of him dies away)

Bridgette:"Well we need a photo thingy to see if anyone is still alive, and since Cody and Kitty are our friends, we invited them to stay with us as long as if they lose, they vote out either Cameron, Samey, or Topher"

(Bridgette draws and puts a big red X on Duncan's, Brick's, Gwen's, Topher's, Cameron's, and Samey's photos)

Noah and Bridgette unisonly explains:"The X's mean they are captured"

(Heard another scream)

Bridgette:(Sighs), Noah go cross of Emma!"

Noah:"(Cries) NO not EMMA!"

Kitty:"What not my sister (sobs)"

Bridgette:"Fine I will do it myself!"

Then the Piranha appears, uses a wooden sword


Bridgette, Noah, Kitty, and Cody:"AHHHH!!!!! RUN!"

Noah:"Come I have a ultimate tent I hid in the forest!"

(Heard noises and screams)

Kitty:"They got Cody and Bridgette!"

Noah:"IT doesn't matter right now, now GO!"

(THrows Kitty in tent)



(Noah is captured)

Kitty:"(Sobs) He sacrificed for me, now I lost all my friends, then remembers, wait is only a challenge!"

Chris:"Come out Kitty you won!"

(Kitty comes out)

Chris:"And the Screaming Snakes win!"

Chris:"And the Crazy Kangaroos have to vote out 2 people!"

At the campfire ceremony....

Chris(solemnly):"Sadly 2 of you are going to go home tonight.., and it WILL NOT BE Bridgette, Emma, and Brick, as they received no votes"

Brick:"SIR YES SIR!"

Emma:"Oh I hope Noah will be saved though(swoons)"


Duncan(in confessional):"Why would I be leaving tonight? I think that Sarcastic Smarty-Pants and Goth the Weirdo should be eliminated tonight!"

Noah(in confessional):"No way I am getting eliminated."

Chris:"Well majority rules, Noah you are safe, and Duncan and Gwen, the Bomb of Shame it is for you!"


Duncan and Gwen:"WHAAAAAAAAAAAA??????????????"

Chris:"Yeah yeah we are all surprised, well so long!"

Chris:"Well see you next time on TDCC!"

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