Geoff:"Hi it is your host, Geoff, my girl is still in the game and she is going to win! Yeah!"

Geoff:"SO time to meet the contesants, first up, your classic cute dumbhead, Lindsay!"

Lindsay:"Jim, why am I here again?"

Geoff(annoyed:"It's Geoff not Jim, and you were eliminated with Beardo, remember?"

Lindsay:"Oh yeah!"

After introducing Lindsay, Beardo, Dawn, and Mike.

Geoff:"So time for the dodging challenge!"

Beardo:"(Makes Pac-Man noises as he dodge each one of them."

(Dawn gets hit)

Mike:(Dodge, (Dodge), (Hit!)

Geoff:"It's down to Beardo and Lindsay."

(Final ball, and Beardo is hit!"

Geoff:"Lindsay you win the grand prize!"

(Lindsay happy yet confused)

Lindsay:"So what is the prize, Joe?"

Geoff:"You could eliminate any contestant from the Screaming Snakes or the Crazy Kangaroos, isn't that righteous?"

Lindsay:"Well I guess."

Geoff:"So who do you choose?"

Lindsay:" I choose MacArthur!"




(Episode Ends)

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