Chris: "We are back on Total Drama Crazy Challenges!"

(THeme song plays and ends)

Screaming Snakes:Cameron, Dawn, Topher, MacArthur, Mike, Cody, Kitty, Samey

Crazy Kangaroos: Gwen, Beardo, Duncan, Bridgette, Noah, Emma, Lindsay, Brick

Chris(over headset):"Go at the Doomsday Forest of Pakhitew!"

Cameron(angrily):"I am officially sick with this reality show!"

Beardo:"Today I am just going to beatbox and beatbox some more!"

Noah: "Today I will show the Noah that is really useful!"

Chris(explaining): "Today you guys will make a secret fort on each side of the forest, your objective is to find the other enemy fort and take it down! And also you have to take out 6 members on each team."

Lindsay:"Well we have 7 members!"

Duncan:"No we have 8 members, Lindsay"

Chris: "Well you have to take out 2 members and that is the team captain's job"

Gwen:"(sigh) Fine sorry but I chose Bridgette and Noah"

Noah:"So much for that idea"

Chris:"You can choose weapons, the far ranged slingshot, or the close ranged club"

Duncan:"What's with the primitive weapons,"weapon expert"

Chris: "Well I didn't want the game to end too quickly, ok???!!"

(Gwen, Duncan, and Brick went to attack)

Cameron:"Hey Beardo and Lindsay, where is your fort, I want to take it down!"

Lindsay:"Over there it's pretty well hidden huh?"

Beardo(Carrying the club):"Well I want to lose this time, well kinda, well anyways over there Cameron, (beatboxs)"

(Cameron, Cody, and MacArthur took the fort down)

Chris: "And the Screaming Snakes.........finally won!"

(All of the Crazy Kangaroos except Gwen, Beardo, Duncan, Lindsay, and Brick went to the infirmary)

Cameron:"Thank you Beardo and Lindsay!"

Lindsay:"You are welcome Caleb!"

Beardo:(beatboxes)no prob(beatboxes)"


At the elimination ceremony.....

Chris: " I have 7 marshmallows in this plate, it goes to Gwen, Brick, Duncan,  Emma, Bridgette, Noah, and the final one goes! Surprise double elimination! 

Lindsay:"But there is only the 2 of us"

Beardo: "(makes game over sounds)"

(Takes the Bomb of Shame)


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