(Chris explains what happened last time)

(Theme Song begins and ends)


Screaming Snakes: Topher, Cameron, Dawn, Cody, MacArthur, Mike, Samey, Kitty

Crazy Kangaroos: Gwen, Beardo, Brick, Duncan, Lindsay, Emma, Noah, Bridgette


Chris: "Campers get your lazy butts down at the middle of the camp, we got something going around here (Chuckles evilly)"

Lindsay (in confessional): "Is it just me or Kyle is getting more scarier and weirder, no one is watching this right?"

Chris: "You finally showed up! Well this time we are having an eating food challenge!! 


Chris: "You know you could be more appreciative!!"

Gwen(in confessional): "Yeah this is not good."

Topher(in confessional): "He calls this a challenge?! I could be 1,000,000,000,000,000 times better host than him! Ha!"

Beardo (in confessional): "Sounds pretty cool.

Chef Hatchet: "Ok you skinny little punks, Round 1 Mud Stew!"

Cody( a little woozy in confessional: "This is not what I hoped for."

(Half of each team barfs)

Chris:  "You are all out!"

MacArthur: "Chomp Chomp, this is nothing!"

Chris(surprised): 1 point to Snakes!

Dawn:(Puts rats in second dish)

Chris: You suffered too much, now good for all strawberry ice cream no tricks!

(MacArthur and Gwen eats it and barf)

Gwen: "I thought you said good dessert!"

Chris(shocked): But I did!"

Gwen: "Then why is there rats in this??"

(Dawn deviously smiled)

Round 8 begins, only Dawn, Topher, Emma, and Bridgette are left. 

Chef Hatchet: "Second final course! Tofu Hot Dogs!"

Bridgette: As a vegetarian I can take this!"

Topher: "well me too!"

(Dawn punches Topher)

Topher: "PTOO!"

Chris: You did it you are out!" (Emma barfs) You are out too!"

Round 9: Doomsday Cake, Bridgette and Dawn are left

Dawn(faking): I don't feel so good."

Chris: "I know you are faking but whatever you are out," (Bridgette pukes at the exact same time.)

Chris:"Teams both lose, both teams have to vote out one member, that member of that team will face the other team's elimination, they will go for a deathmatch. Whoever loses the deathmatch is sent home!"

Campfire Ceremonies begins......

Chris: "Campers, Dawn and Gwen is going home, but luckily only one of them!

Dawn: "Pff! I won't lose MWAHAHAH!"

Gwen:"Dawn can't beat me in a million years."

Chris: It's a log challenge who can stay the longest?"

(Gwen and Dawn exchange looks, they know one of them is going home and they don't want it to be them)

(Gwen rolls Dawn to the edge of the log)

Dawn:"Woah! Gwen what are you doing??"

Gwen: "Getting you eliminated, you backstabbing traitor!"

Dawn:"Not if I can help it!"

(Dawn rolls Gwen to the edge)

(Dawn maliciously chuckled)

Dawn:"Any last words Gwen?"

Gwen:"Well duh!"

(Pushes Dawn of the log)

Chris and Chef Hatchet:"And Gwen wins!"

(Dawn groans)

Chris: "TO the Bomb of Shame and the Crane of Losers!"

(Launches Dawn)


Episode Ends

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