Hi! As you can see I am making a fanfic. But at the end you get to choose who did the worst and vote them off! So excited? Well let's begin! 

(Scene begins at Pakhitew Island)

Chris: "Yo! We are here for Season 7 of Total Drama! It's called Total Drama: Crazy Challenges!"

(Theme Song Begins)

Chris: "As you can see, we are back on Pakhitew Island, and we bring back 16 contestants..."

(Boat Arrives)

Chris: "Here they come now!!"

Topher: "Another season another chance to win the million, and replace Chris."

Gwen:"Why did I sign up???? Well I guess a million dollars is just too much to resist."

Chris: "Since you two were the first ones to arrive on Pakhitew this season, you get to choose teams!" 

(Topher and Gwen smiles, among them was Duncan, Cameron, Mike, Dawn, Lindsay, Emma, Cody, MacArthur, Beardo, Noah, Bridgette, Brick, Samey, and Kitty.) After a while of choosing.

Chris: "Ok Gwen's team you are now called Crazy Kangaroos!"


Chris: "Really was expecting a lil' more than that, oh well."

Chris: "Topher's team you are now the Screaming Snakes!"


Chris: "Oh come on!!

(Topher's team consists of Topher, Cameron, Dawn,  Kitty, Samey, Cody, MacArthur and Mike. And Gwen's team consists of Duncan, Lindsay, Emma, Noah, Bridgette, Gwen, Beardo, and Brick.) 

On the challenge.

Chris: "Today we have an underground challenge! 8 is going to dig all the way to earth's crust, now is the captain's time to decide.

Topher: "Hmm might as well get the weakest people off, Cameron, Mike, Cody, and Dawn. 

Dawn: "That feeble Topher thinks I'm weak!"

Gwen:" Well all of you are strong so I will choose the strongest  but all of you are strong so I will just choose 4 people, me, Brick, (murmers Duncan), and Bridgette."

Chris: "Ok on your marks go!" 

(drills into ground)

Chris: "Ouch that hurted my ear." All of the others seem to agree.

Dawn:(Uses her laser to take down both 2 of her teammates and 2 enemies. 

Cameron, Cody, Duncan, Bridgette: "AHHHHH!" (Warps back to Pakhitew Island. 


Dawn (in confessional): "Who's weak now!"(Maniacal Laugh)

Mike to Dawn: "What in the world are you doing??!!!" 

Dawn: "It was an accident."

Gwen: "Teamwork rules!"

Brick: "Yes sir! (Shoots down Mike and Dawn

(All warped back)

Chris:" I think it is pretty obvious that Gwen's team win! Also they get a tree fort to stay the rest of the summer!"

Gwen's team: "Woohoo!"

Chris: "You Screaming Snakes you eliminated someone"

(Everyone looks at Mike and Dawn)

At the elimination ceremony.....

(Everyone looks at Dawn, Mike, and one even Cameron!)

Chris: The following campers are safe, Topher, Cody, MacArthur, Kitty, and Samey!

Dawn (in confessional): Ha me off no way!

Mike (in confessional): What did I do wrong Dawn should be the one eliminated!

Cameron (whimpering in confessional: What did I do wrong?

Chris: Cameron you are safe with only one vote!

Cameron: Yeah I guess?

Chris: "And the one going home is...............................................Mike!

(Dawn wickedly smiles)

Dawn (in confessional): Let's just say I will be the TDI Heather, and I already have my team's elimination order, Mike, Cameron, Cody, MacArthur, Kitty, Samey, and Topher. I WILL BE THE LAST SNAKE STANDING! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chris: "This year we have the Bomb of Shame. How it works it a crane will put you in the sky, then throw you across the country or somewhere. (chuckles) Any last words?"

Mike (angrily) : No!

Chris: "That was a rhetorical question, (throws the Bomb of Shame with McLean inside the crane."

Chris: Well one down 15 to go, see you next time on Total....Drama........Crazy....Challenges!

(credits show and theme plays)

The End! Thank you for voting! :)

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