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  • Shadowshroom

    (Sorry, I've been absent so long, well enjoy!)

    Remaining contestants: Topher, Cody, Kitty, Samey, Noah, Emma, and Brick



    Chris:"Last time on Total Drama Crazy Challenges, things got a little dangerous and well, crazy for the remaining 8 contestants, sadly, the surfer girl Bridgette got into the giant rocket, who will go next, find out right now on Total......Drama.......Crazy Challenges!"

    (Theme Song plays and ends)

    Chris: "Wake up already!"

    Topher:"What's the hurry"

    Chris:"Well, today I thought I gave you a special treat, a nice.......dangerous and insane challenge for you to possibly die in!"

    Kitty:"That's our treat?"

    Chris:"Well ye…

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  • Shadowshroom

    Chris:"Last time on Total Drama, 9 contestants fought for survival in a nasty fight with me and chef, dressed as the zombies. But turns out that wimpy Cameron took the Bomb of Shame. What surprise will be in this week? Find out right now on Total.....Drama.........Crazy Challenges!"

    (Theme song plays and ends)

    Topher, Cody, Kitty, and Samey, Bridgette, Noah, Emma, and Brick

    Chris:(Blows airhorn)"Wake up ! Cause it's something you've been waiting for like a long time!"

    Topher:"Being a host?"


    Kitty:"Have fun adventures?"

    Chris(slightly annoyed):"NO!"

    Brick:"Going to army camp?"

    Chris(angrily):"FINE FOR PETE"S SAKE I WILL TELL YOU! It's the merge"

    Noah(sarcastically):"Woohoo! Rah Rah."

    Chris:"That's better"

    Chris:"Just today, we will split into…

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  • Shadowshroom

    Episode 6: Zombie Bag!

    February 14, 2016 by Shadowshroom

    Chris:Last time on Total Drama, we had a scary and creepy episode. Man that was awesome! (maliciously chuckles) But it turns out that Duncan and Gwen, everyone's least favorite "couple" besides zoke, eesh! That they took the Bomb of Shame! Who is going to take the big fat bomb of destruction this time?  Find out right now on Total....Drama........CRAZY....CHALLENGES!!!!!!"

    (Theme song plays and ends)

    Chris:"WAKE UP YOU LAZYBONES! Chef and I decided there should be 3! Yes 3 HORROR TERRIFYING Challenges this season! So this time it's zombies!"

    (Bridgette, Topher, and Cameron gasp)

    (Noah rolls his eyes)

    Chris:"Here is a map of Pakhitew, isn't it big?"


    CHris:"All right that is IT! Let's cut to the chase, me and chef will dress like zombies, …

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  • Shadowshroom

    Screaming Snakes: Cameron, Dawn, Topher, MacArthurMike, Cody, Kitty, and Samey

    Crazy Kangaroos: Gwen, Duncan, Beardo, Bridgette, Noah, Emma, Lindsay , Brick

    Chris:(explains what happened last time)

    Chris:"With only 11 campers left in the game, who would win the million bucks? And what crazy and nasty food would Chef cook? And what insane challenge would I let them do next? Find out right now on Total Drama Crazy Challenges!

    (Theme song plays and ends)

    Chris:Today will be the craziest challenge you like ever had!"

    Duncan:"Yeah right"

    Chris:"Oh the challenge was originally the craziest fun challenge you ever had, but since "Duncan ruined it", we will now thanks to Duncan, have a crazy dangerous challenge! Everyone say thank you Duncan"


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  • Shadowshroom

    Episode 4: Aftermath I

    February 9, 2016 by Shadowshroom

    Geoff:"Hi it is your host, Geoff, my girl is still in the game and she is going to win! Yeah!"

    Geoff:"SO time to meet the contesants, first up, your classic cute dumbhead, Lindsay!"

    Lindsay:"Jim, why am I here again?"

    Geoff(annoyed:"It's Geoff not Jim, and you were eliminated with Beardo, remember?"

    Lindsay:"Oh yeah!"

    After introducing Lindsay, Beardo, Dawn, and Mike.

    Geoff:"So time for the dodging challenge!"

    Beardo:"(Makes Pac-Man noises as he dodge each one of them."

    (Dawn gets hit)

    Mike:(Dodge, (Dodge), (Hit!)

    Geoff:"It's down to Beardo and Lindsay."

    (Final ball, and Beardo is hit!"

    Geoff:"Lindsay you win the grand prize!"

    (Lindsay happy yet confused)

    Lindsay:"So what is the prize, Joe?"

    Geoff:"You could eliminate any contestant from the Screaming Sn…

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