Okay, I just took my first edit count for Countdown, and here it is

In 12th Place, It's TDIAlex, with 44 edits

In 11th Place, it's Bigez620, with 50 edits

In 10th Place, it's Codyfan9000, with 58 edits

In 9th place, it's Tdobsessed88, with 71 edits

In 8th Place, It's me, with 102 edits

In 7th Place, it's Phil123, with 109 edits

In 6th Place, it's BBhinton, with 130 edits

In 5th Place, it's Codyfan12, with 167 edits

In 4th place, it's Webkinz Mania, with 191 edits

In 3rd Place, it's Aimers, with 200 edits

In 2nd Place, it's Musou, with 213 edits

and in 1st Place...

NegativeNoah666, with 225 edits!

Good luck to everyone in Countdown, see you tomorrow at the blog!

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