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    An edit count

    October 30, 2010 by SethAllred343

    Okay, I just took my first edit count for Countdown, and here it is

    In 12th Place, It's TDIAlex, with 44 edits

    In 11th Place, it's Bigez620, with 50 edits

    In 10th Place, it's Codyfan9000, with 58 edits

    In 9th place, it's Tdobsessed88, with 71 edits

    In 8th Place, It's me, with 102 edits

    In 7th Place, it's Phil123, with 109 edits

    In 6th Place, it's BBhinton, with 130 edits

    In 5th Place, it's Codyfan12, with 167 edits

    In 4th place, it's Webkinz Mania, with 191 edits

    In 3rd Place, it's Aimers, with 200 edits

    In 2nd Place, it's Musou, with 213 edits

    and in 1st Place...

    NegativeNoah666, with 225 edits!

    Good luck to everyone in Countdown, see you tomorrow at the blog!

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  • SethAllred343

    Alright, I know I've fluffed, but I don't know how to edit any other way! I just got a message saying that I need to stop fluff editing or I will get kicked out of Countdown! IT'S ONLY THE FIRST DAY! I need some help on editing, will somebody teach me how NOT to fluff edit? If somebody would then great, but if somebody won't, then...well...I don't want to say it yet. So please somebody help me out, I don't want to be kicked out of Countdown yet! It's only the first day!

    UPDATE: It just happened AGAIN! I really want help with this! But thank you Aimers for your tips! Does somebody have any more? And what even IS a fluff edit anyway?

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  • SethAllred343

    I decided to make to make some Countdown predictions, so here it is. No offence If I place you low, doesn't mean I think any less of you.

    15. Jam7

    14. Bbhinton15

    13. Codyfan12

    12. Kenzen11

    11. Musou

    10. Tdobsessed

    9. Webkins Mania

    (Jam7 Returns)

    8. Phil123

    7. Bigez620

    6. TDIAlex

    5. NegativeNoah666

    4. SethAllred343

    3. Jam7

    2. Codyfan9000

    1. Aimers

    That's my predictions! User:SethAllred343 Who's Awesome (ME!) Who's good at acting and Singing? (ME!) 23:33, October 14, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SethAllred343

    PART I: Listen, I first joined here because, well, I don't know. But I found out about the Countdown contest and I wanted to compete, but I didn't know what mainspace edits were at the time. That's when the "Vandalizing" began. I didn't know I was, So please don't give me crap about it. I'm sorry about that. I didn't know you couldn't do that, so again I'm sorry.

    PART II: I'm sorry for the complaining post and the blog comment rule thing. I didn't know about the blog comment rule, so That's why I only put ",kay". I'm still new, you know. Also, I was kidding about the sueing and complaining part (That's why I put the smiley face). So I'm sorry about that.

    PART III: I'm sorry for the short blog post. Again, I'm still pretty new to the wiki, so…

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