Hi! So I came across LuluTDFan's blog of headcannons for the contestants. So I have decided to make my own. You can leave your comments so I can see on how I can make it better.


  • In comparing Amy and Samey, Amy is the stronger twin. But she never received any attention from her parents because Samey was weaker when she was born (which would explain her being born seventeen minutes later) and all of her parents' attention would go to Sammy. Amy may have sabotoged her sister's social life but for her parents she will always come second. In her audition tape, she said that Samey has been coming last ever since, she was just denying the fact that she is always second for her parents.
  • At home, Amy's name is pronuced just like Sammy, which resulted to her calling Sammy "Samey"


  • Beth and her boyfriend are still going strong afer Pahkitew Island. Beth is always the more carefree personality in the relationship. She lets Brady go out with his friends and get drunk from time to time because she knows how to trust him. Initially, Brady abused her trust but immediately regretted it when Beth found him with another girl (In my terms: Nakikipaglandian). She did not get upset and she even said to him that she understands him and maybe it's best for them to separate. After a few months he went back to Beth and said to her that he was sorry and he wants to try again. At that point they have now become stonger than before.


  • Ella was an only child and her mother has died giving birth to her. Her father however treasured her and protected her and lived a simple and happy life. But when her father has discovered that he has a sickness that will make him bedridden. He kept it hidden from Ella to keep her from worrying about him. On her 16th birthday, he gave her a pink princess dress and after that he fainted right in front of his daughter. She rushed him to the hospital and discovered the truth. She now has to pay for her fathers hospital bill and then she saw an advertisement for auditions in Total Drama Pahkitew Island. She then donned the dress her father gave her to symbolize her love and devotion for him.
  • Her father was a vocalist and taught her how to sing in all genres but mostly songs from her childhood.
  • After her elimination she works as a songstress in her local cafe in order to pay for the hospital bills. Also she lives alone so that her father will not have to worry about taking care of her.
  • Her Disney Princess attitude was just a facade of her true nature. She still is kind-hearted and virtuous but she is a negative and pessimistic person in real life.
  • She did want to become a friend to all, but she was tolerant to Sugar's attitude knowing fully well that Sugar will "pay for her sins" soon.


  • In her audition tape she has 2nd place ribbons behind her but those did not belong to her but to Amy. She is the more well-rounded twin but Amy always takes credit to Sammy's hard work for fooling their teachers. Sammy never realized that she is appreciated outside home only because Amy is more powerful and popular than her sister and to her lack of self-confidence.
  • She is oblivious to her admires however (which is a lot) because she just thinks that they are accomplices of Amy out to make her life unbearable.
  • After her elimination, she is more confident and has so many friends.


  • 2 years after All-Stars, Zoey realizes that Mike's alternate personalities are returning and his condition is getting worst. Knowing that she will suffer emotional pain these conditions, she decided to break up with Mike despite of still being in love with him.

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