• Sekiyukiefan123


    July 21, 2014 by Sekiyukiefan123

    Hi! So I came across LuluTDFan's blog of headcannons for the contestants. So I have decided to make my own. You can leave your comments so I can see on how I can make it better.

    • In comparing Amy and Samey, Amy is the stronger twin. But she never received any attention from her parents because Samey was weaker when she was born (which would explain her being born seventeen minutes later) and all of her parents' attention would go to Sammy. Amy may have sabotoged her sister's social life but for her parents she will always come second. In her audition tape, she said that Samey has been coming last ever since, she was just denying the fact that she is always second for her parents.
    • At home, Amy's name is pronuced just like Sammy, which resulted…

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