Okay, so everyone's doing this, so I'm gonna do it too.

Instead of just doing predictions, I want to also include things that I want to happen, even if they're less likely.


So, I'm doing a returnee season, just like everyone else. Wubdee doo, I'm original. I don't have a specific theme as far as challenges or contestants, but in terms of setting, I'd bet it'd be on an Island again. Boney Island is a possibility, but I think it'd be more likely to have a new island altogether. For now, let's just call it "Island #3."

Cast Size/Length

Ideally, we'd have a cast of 20-24. I wouldn't mind if it was around 18, like World Tour, but I wouldn't want it to get lower than that. 26 episodes for sure. I'm gonna go with 24 contestants. There are 14 first generation contestants (7 males, 7 females), 4 second generation contestants (2 males, 2 females), and 6 thrid generation contestants (3 males, 3 females). I wanted more balance, but I just like the first gen more. 


*Note: Characters who I particularly want to return have * by their name. Characters I think are likely to return have **. Characters who I really want, and are also likely have ***.

Gen 1 Males

  1. Cody***
  2. Duncan**
  3. Harold***
  4. Noah**
  5. Owen**
  6. Trent*
  7. Tyler***

Gen 1 Females

  1. Courtney***
  2. Gwen***
  3. Eva***
  4. Izzy*
  5. Leshawna***
  6. Lindsay***
  7. Sierra*

Gen 2 Males

  1. Brick***
  2. Scott**

Gen 2 Females

  1. Dawn*
  2. Jo***

Gen 3 Males

  1. Dave**
  2. Max***
  3. Shawn**

Gen 4 Females

  1. Ella*
  2. Jasmine**
  3. Sky**

Interactions, Placements, Etc.

Early Outs

  • Scott: All he needs to do is wrap things up with Courtney. I'd like to see them resolve the conflict, but not actually get together.
  • Max: He's pretty much just a comic relief character, and doesn't really have any major interactions, since I didn't include Scarlett. He would definitely be a fodder.
  • Duncan: All he really needs to do is settle things with Gwen and Duncan. I'd maybe like to see some interactions with some other contestants, like Jo, Brick, or Scott, but, eh, we've seen enough Duncan.
  • Owen: He's mainly here for comic relief, and because of the hint at the end of his and Noah's elimination in RR. He doesn't have much to do.
  • Noah: I mostly wanted to have him here to re-unite Team E-Scope, but it doesn't need to stand full that long. Like Owen, Noah doesn't have much left to do. He had his season in RR, so he can go back to being early/middle out.
  • Izzy: Again, comic relief and Team E-Scope reunion. She doesn't have a whole ton of plot, especially if Owen leaves.
  • Dawn: She doesn't have many big plots or interactions, but I would like to see her get more screen-time than she did in ROTI.


  • Shawn: He won/came in second last season, and his plot with Jasmine has been tied up. I mainly brought him back because I thought he'd be a good pain magnet of the season, but he can go fairly early.
  • Dave: All he needs to do is wrap up his plot with Sky. I don't see him being that antagonistic, or even very psychotic. I think the end of TDPI clues in that he's probably just gonna be a big depressed mess. Heck, maybe he'll go goth or something. Nah, probably not, but either way, as long as we can see that he's still alive, and clear up the Skave plot, we're good.
  • Sky: Same as above. Plus, like Shawn, she was a finalist in TDPI.
  • Trent: Okay, so this is what I want for Trent. I want, no. I NEED Trella to happen. It would just be the most adorable couple ever. This is how it could go down. They catch each other's eye, but they're on different teams. People like Jasmine or Courtney would refuse to let them spend time together, and convince them to put the team first. Forbidden love, dontcha love it? Got me some Romeo and Juliet vibes. Then, at one point, one of them is eliminated, and the other quits with them. That'd be sweet. <3
  • Ella: See above. I think it'd work more to have Ella get eliminated and Trent quit with her, but it could go either way.
  • Gwen: Though I'd like to keep her around, with Duncan gone, there's not a ton for her to do, especially once things between her and Courtney are settled.

Early Merge

  • Cody: Might be wishful thinking keeping him this long, but oh well. I don't care. Here's what I'd have in mind for him. This time around, he and Sierra are put on different teams. Oh, and for the record, they're not dating; they're just really good friends. Anyways, so Cody ends up on the same team as the antagonist (most likely Jo). The antagonist, knowing Sierra has immense Total Drama knowledge, uses Cody to force Sierra into an alliance of sorts. For instance, he/she (I say "he/she" but it's pretty much definitely Jo) could threaten to hurt/eliminate Cody unless Sierra complies, so that the antagonist would have someone on the other team. Then, come the merge, Sierra refuses to work with him/her, and so Jo finds a way to get Cody eliminated.
  • Leshawna: At this point, she would only really have major interactions with Harold, though she could easily develop interactions with other people, like Jo, Brick, or Jasmine. Either way, sadly, I think it's time for her to go.
  • Jasmine: At this point, she doesn't have much left to do.
  • Sierra: After ditching the antagonist, and then losing Cody, she probably wouldn't last much longer.
  • Harold: Pretty much out of major interactions at this point, so sadly, it's goodnight Harold.
  • Eva: I think it's only fair for Eva to make it far, after being absent for so long. That being said, she's not quite finalist material.

Final 5

  • Tyler: I wish Tyler could go on more, but sadly, it's his time. It honestly might be kinda wishful thinking letting him last this long too, but I figure it would not be hard at all to give him a significant enough role to make it this far.
  • Jo: I know fourth is kinda lame for an antagonist, but I thought it was only fair to let Brick outrank her, but at the same time, I REALLY want a Lindsay vs. Courtney fianle.
  • Brick: Now that he's outranked Jo, move outta the way for the Courtney vs. Lindsay finale!
  • Lindsay/Courtney: They're both queenly queens who deserve victory. Give them victory.

That's all for me for now. Maybe I'll update with more detail as time goes on. See ya! :)

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