In this series of blogs, I will analyze how Total Drama Island would have turned out differently if a given character had not done the one thing that landed them on the Boat of Losers. Of course, not all contestants can really be covered, as a lot of them didn't really do anything to cause their elimination, such as Bridgette, Justin, Courtney, Duncan, Leshawna, etcetera. They will not be covered. Also, some characters who were eliminated late in the series, like Heather, won't be covered, becasue the analysis would be incredibly short.

Also, I want to clear a couple things up. First of all, these blogs are not contingent on each other. Each one will be a fresh start. What happens in one of them will in no way affect the next, and everything will reavert to how it was in TDI up to a certain point.

Secondly, these blogs do not display what I wish would have happened, but just what I would expect to happen, given minor changes. Ezekiel!

Not So Happy Campers

Geoff stands up for Ezekiel


As we all know, Ezekiel was eliminated for making sexist comments, ticking off all the girls on his team. Personally, I think he was treated a little unfairly. I mean, wrong as he was, it's very obvious he was raised to believe that women were inferior. He had no idea he was being hurtful. To him, he was just stating something as obvious as 2+2, and after the fact, he was very respectful towards girls, and even worked very well with Lindsay and Beth in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. However, on many other occasions, other peope have made similar comments with actual hurtful intent, and suffered very little consequence ("There's no way us athletes can lose to a team with no men!"-Alejandro). Regardless, that's what sealed Ezekiel's fate. If he had done what Chris told him, there would be no reason to eliminate him. That would leave only two options: Courtney and DJ, and... maybe Tyler. But either way, like Duncan pointed out, DJ would probably be more useful, so the vote would fall to Courtney. Man, that's crazy. Courtney out first. Let's see how that affects the rest of TDI.

The Big Sleep


So... so beautiful! :')

This episode would not be affected very much by either Ezekiel's presence or Courtney's absence. Gwen and Trent would still bond, Heather would still form her alliance with Lindsay and Beth, Noah and Cody would still accidentally kiss, Gwen would still beat Duncan, and Eva would still freak out, and cause her elimination.


In this episode, the Bass were finally able to defeat the Screaming Gophers, and it was Noah, the only contestant who didn't compete, who was eliminated. However, if it weren't for Duncan, there would be no way the Bass would have won. Well, good thing Duncan's still in the game, right? Well, think for a moment. Who was it who woke Duncan up and convinced him to help them in the challenge? That's right. It was Courtney. And she's gone. Now, you might be thinking, "Well, anyone could​ have done that," but everyone else was scared to do it. Courtney was both brave enough to interrupt his nap, as well as clever enough to convince him to compete, lest he be eliminated. While, in theory, yes, someone else could​ do that, but without Courtney, I doubt Duncan would agree, and it would be another loss for the Bass, and just like Noah, Duncan would be eliminated for refusing to participate. We're only three episodes in, and two of the "Big Five" are already gone. Wow.

Not Quite Famous


Hotness just wasn't enough.

Like The Big Sleep, this episode is virtually the same in terms of end result. However, with Courtney gone, Harold would likely not have been turned down right on the spot, and would have been signed up to compete from the beginning. Thus, the tension would be practically gone, and the Bass would win easily. On the Gopher's side, everything would be the same, except for the fact that Noah would be there, but he probably wouldn't do much anyways. Heather's scheming ways would still be the end of Justin.

The Sucky Outdoors

This one would overall be pretty similar. On the Gopher's side, the only difference would be Noah's presence. For the Bass, the only differences would be Courtney and Duncan's absence, and Ezekiel's presence. Not too much change here. Katie and Sadie would still end up getting lost, and unless Ezekiel would have voted for Sadie instead of Katie, the result would have been the same, and Katie would be eliminated.

Phobia Factor

Boat of loseeeeeeers
Here's one that has some big differences. It's a little hard to analyze considering we don't know Noah and Ezekiel's phobias, but either way, the Bass still have a definite loss. No way around that. However, here's where things get different. Assuming Ezekiel and Noah both faced their fears, and everything else was the same, the scores would be eight to three. For the gophers, Heather, Gwen, Trent, Lindsay, Owen, Izzy, Beth, and Noah would have gotten a point, and Cody and Leshawna would not have. For the Bass, Ezekiel, Sadie, and DJ would have gotten a point, and Bridgette, Tyler, Geoff, and Harold would not have (though, Harold arguably did face his fear, but for whatever reason, he still didn't get a point). Now, we know that Ezekiel still believes at this point that girls are weaker than guys, so his choices are narrowed down to Sadie and Bridgette. Even though Sadie faced her fear and Bridgette didn't, we see in Haute Camp-ture that Ezekiel seems to have a little bit of a crush on Bridgette. We aren't told when this developed, but Bridgette hadn't been at Playa Des Losers for all that long before Haute Camp-ture, so I think it's safe to say that Ezekiel had a thing for her prior, especially given his later stay on the island. Therefore, Ezekiel would probably end up voting for Sadie. Bridgette is a fairly popular person among the Bass, while no one ever really bonded with Sadie due to her always being with Katie. Thusly, the second half of the dynamic duo would be voted off. At least she'd get to reunite with Katie almost instantly!

Up the Creek

Losing Duncan and Courtney really messed the Bass up. Most of the challenge would be the same, but without Duncan's lighter, the Bass would have been further behind the Gophers. However, it was Courtney who inadvertantly prompted Harold to throw their oars in the fire, so even though they would have lost the fire starting section, at least they would have oars, which would mean it was pretty much an equal race back to camp. At this point, it's hard to say which team would lose, but regardless, the RCMP would still show up, so even if the Bass lost, Izzy would be forced to leave, and the Bass would probably get off fine.

Paintball Deer Hunter

I don't know how good Ezekiel, Noah, and Tyler are at paintball, but I imagine not very good. Though some events of this episode may have played out differently, nothing altered by Ezekiel's stay would save poor Cody from being bear-attacked, not would it stop Heather from feuding with the others. Given the Gopher's loss, the votes would go as follows: Heather and Lindsay voted for Beth, and Owen and Leshawna voted for Cody. I'd expect Noah wouldn't be too fond of Heather, based on their interactions in Dodgebrawl, so he probably voted for her, along with Beth and Cody. So it all comes down to Gwen and Trent. Unless they both voted for Cody, it would be goodbye Heather. They both were on friendly terms with Cody after Up the Creek, and the both dislike Heather. However, after his accident, it would obviously be very unsafe for Cody, not to mention he'd be totally useless. When Gwen tells Cody goodbye, she does sound sad to see him go, but her tone implies that she knew it had to happen. The same would go for Trent, I'd expect. So, sadly, it would still be Cody who was rolled down the Boat of Losers to his almost-death. Thanks a lot, Beth.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

I don't know how much better at cooking Tyler and Ezekiel are than Courtney and Duncan, but they're probably better than the Gophers. The Gophers would still be virtually untouched in this episode, save for one important factor: Noah. Now, it might not seem like Noah would make much of a difference, but do you seriously think he wouldn't say something in regards to Leshawna's bright idea to let Owen guard the food? I think he's smart enough to see the flaw in that idea. Then again, I expected Gwen and Leshawna to be, too, but I guess not. Either way, according to Chris, the ribs were, eh, pretty okay. The dessert still would have been burnt too, so the win would go to the Bass, and Heather would once again find herself on the chopping block, this time with Beth. Now, the whole curse thing was kind of bogus, but if that's what we're going with, sure. We know that Heather, Lindsay, Owen, and Leshawna voted for Beth. Gwen, Trent, and Beth would probably vote for Heather, and with Noah's vote, probably also for Heather, there would be a tie, unless Trent bought into the curse thing on account of his superstition, there would be a tie, and unless the tiebreaker involved badminton, I think Heather could best Beth. Bye-bye, Beth.

Who Can You Trust?

Ezekiel Eliminated
Sadly, we've lost Sadie pelting Courtney with crab apples. However, instead we'd get Tyler pelting Ezekiel, or vice-versa. Either way, one of them is a klutz, and the other has proven not to be an avid archer. Also, no Duncan to bring DJ a new bunny, meaning he and Geoff would probably crash and almost die, costing them the challenge. DJ would definitely be the one to put the blame on, but Bridgette and Geoff, and, since DJ and Harold have gotten along very well when DJ wasn't following Duncan, Harold, too all are fond of DJ, so it would fall to Tyler and Ezekiel. They'd probably vote out whoever was doing the shooting, or whoever was holding up DJ in Duncan's place, but since we can't know that, we have to go off of their overall contributions and likability. Tyler is moderately liked, it seems, and, though uncoordinated, fairly strong. Ezekiel, however, is awkward and weird, and sometimes gross. Considering he never made his sexist comments, he would not be detested by his team, but I'd expect they'd still be somewhat weirded out by him. So, this is where it ends for our homeschooled friend. However, that does not mean everything will go back to normal. There will still be plenty of changes to analyze, so don't go away yet.

Basic Straining

It's at this point when you start to notice that the Bass' numbers disadvantage is really unfair. I guess that shows that keeping Courtney instead of Ezekiel was smart. Of course, Duncan wouldn't be there to anger Chef, but let's look at the rest of the Bass. You've got DJ, Harold, Bridgette, and Geoff, all of whom eventually dropped out, all outlasted by Gwen, and then you've got Tyler. He could handle the canoe, he could handle eating gross food, he might be able to get by on the dance, and maybe he'd survive the essay. Might get tough for him around the obstacle course though. I wouldn't count on him getting through. Either way, it's pretty clear that the Bass would lose. Even though Noah would probably stink at this challenge, the Gophers have a major numbers advantage, which practically guarantees their win. So, who gets the boot? At this point, it'd probably be apparent that Tyler and Harold are pretty useless. However, remember that DJ is still suffering from the loss of Bunny, who never returned. It's safe to assume that at this point, he'd be miserable beyond belief, and probably wouldn't be very useful anymore either. Not only that, but in the future, DJ displays that he likes being at home, and finds comfort in being with his Mama. Wouldn't be shocked if DJ wanted to go home at this point. We saw in the previous episode that when he's as upset as he is over Bunny, he really doesn't care about the competition, or anything. Not very useful. I'd expect that Geoff and Bridgette wouldn't want to vote for DJ, unless he asked them too, but either way, if DJ wanted to go home, all he'd need to do would be secure Harold and Tyler's votes, and I'm sure they'd jump at the chance to save themselves from possible elimination, so it really wouldn't matter who Geoff and Bridgette voted for. Sorry Deej. Maybe you'll be able to find a new Bunny at home.

X-Treme Torture

The Gophers are honestly a shoe-in on this one. Someone else would be in the plane with Trent, so he'd avoid being accidentally pushed out the plane, and at least would come out injury free. The moose challenge would be the same, but then you have the mud jet ski/Lindsay's ultimate hotness challenge. Harold and Heather's part stays the same, but then you'd have someone else driving for Lindsay. Geoff and Harold have already gone, so it'd be Bridgette or Tyler, or whoever didn't do the skydiving. Either way, it wouldn't matter because Lindsay is a total boss and is perfect at everything she does. Not to mention that if it were Tyler driving, he'd probably hand her the win. In which case, he'd probably be eliminated (Tyler eliminated in the extreme sports challenge. Yep). However, if Tyler has jumped and Bridgette drove Lindsay, then Lindsay would still win, but Bridgette would probably be safe, and it would be Harold going home for messing up his part of the challenge thanks to Heather. At this point, Harold and Tyler would be the only ones on the chopping block, because obviously Geoff and Bridgette aren't going to vote for each other. Since we can't determine which of the two scenarios would occur, it's left to likability index/overall usefulness. Tyler is clumsy, but he's still strong. Harold is weak, but he's smart. However, he's still a weirdo who leaves out his dirty underwear. I could imagine they would be more inclined to vote for Harold then for Tyler, even if Tyler did let Lindsay win. At least Harold got a pretty solid consolation prize!

Brunch Of Disgustingness

I won't analyze this one too much since there is no elimination. But, we'll look over some stuff. At this point, the girls stack up in the same way they did in the original. However, the guys are slightly different. Just replace Duncan with Noah and DJ with Tyler and you're good. In terms of the challenge itself, it would be mostly the same. However, there would be no need for a tiebreaker, as all of the guys would be able to eat the dolphin wiener. That's really all there is to this episode.

No Pain, No Game

Eva and Izzy are still returning. Nothing will change there. At this point, the only differences are Noah and Tyler. Obviously, neither of them would make it through the end of the challenge. Even if Tyler and Noah voted for someone other than Eva, literally everyone else all made Eva their target. She's gone again, just as quickly as she returned.

Search and Do Not Destroy

This is when things will start getting a little repetitive. Like the past few, Noah and Tyler's presence doesn't affect too much. Just to keep things simple, I'll say Noah had Duncan's key, since Duncan was eliminated in the episode Noah originally was. Meanwhile, Tyler will have DJ's key. Unlike Duncan, Noah would probably have little succes getting his key from the ring of fire. Tyler, on the other hand, has proven that, though he may not be good at it, he has at least some ability to get things down from trees. It wouldn't really matter for Noah, and, though we don't know what was in DJ's chest, it still wouldn't make a difference. However, that doesn't mean Tyler wouldn't make any difference at all. We've seen before that Lindsay can easily be distracted by his presence. It's fully posible, and in fact likely, that she would completely fail at her mission of keeping watch for Heather, and her entire plan would be ruined. Gwen would see Trent with her before Heather had the chance to kiss him, and the situation would be diffused before anything bad could happen. Even though Heather would still have immunity, at least Gwen and Trent would still be on good terms! Yay! Everyone's happy! Well, not really. Though this very well could happen, it's a big "what if." There's no guarantee that Tyler would be anywhere near to distract Lindsay. I don't like to rely on "could happens." Therefore, sucks to be Trent.

Hide and be Sneaky

Remember how last time I said things would get repetitive? I kinda sorta lied. Not this time! The challenge would go pretty much the same way. Noah might be okay at hiding. Tyler, not so much, but whatever. The real difference lies in Duncan's absence. Nobody to start the Guys Alliance. You're only guys at this point are Geoff, Tyler, Owen, and Noah. The former three are definitely not strategic enough to come up with that. I suppose Noah could, but, eh. Does he really care enough? I don't know. He's made it this far, but to be fair, he has sort of just coasted along. Anyways, though, without a Guys Alliance, there is no incentive for the Girls "alliance" either, thus, Heather would likely target Gwen, one of her two biggest enemies (and the other has immunity), and, of course, Lindsay would vote with her, and maybe Izzy, too. Bridgette's main options would probably be Noah (provided he didn't get immunity. I'll just say he did not, since we can't know for sure), Izzy, and maybe Tyler. Of those three, she would probably choose Noah. Her reasoning for choosing Duncan was that he was mean, and let's face it. Noah's not the nicest guy in the world. Gwen's main options are all the guys, Izzy, and maybe Lindsay. We know she doesn't like Geoff, but I'd guess that she would agree not to vote for him, being friends with Bridgette. She doesn't really know Tyler very well, but he's not a huge threat, and he's not as annoying as others, so he's safe. She's not super fond of some of Owen's habits, but she seems to be friends with him regardless. We don't really see much of her thoughts about Noah. The only time they've ever really interacted was in Dodgebrawl. Of course, in this alternate reality, the Gophers won that challenge, so even though Noah was being lazy, he didn't cost them the win. However, I would wager they aren't on the best of terms. When it comes to the girls, there's Izzy, Lindsay, and Bridgette, and obviously, she won't vote for Bridgette. Lindsay actually may be a logical choice. It would mean Heather would be losing her vote, and plus, at this point, Gwen isn't too crazy about Lindsay (what's wrong with her?). However, Izzy is also Izzy. Then again, we've never seen Gwen and Izzy interact too much at this point, so it's really down to Lindsay and Noah. RBW is going to kill me, but I feel like in Gwen's case, Lindsay would actually be the more logical choice. The same would probably go for Leshawna. Besides, they both want revenge on Heather for what she did in the previous episode, so what better way to do it than get rid of her ally? Anyways, onto the guys' votes. Noah, being the smart one, may realize that the biggest threat at this point, who is up for voting, is Bridgette, just like Duncan originally did. He could easily convince Owen to vote with him. Geoff would definitely not go along with that, so his options would be any of the other guys, Gwen, Izzy, and Lindsay. He likes Owen, so he's out, and being the party guy he is, probably likes Izzy, too. He is later shown to think Gwen is a little too serious for his comfort, but she is a friend of Bridgette's, so that may change his mind. We don't really know his exact thoughts on Lindasy, Noah, or Tyler, but of the three, Noah is definitely the least "fun," so he would end up being our best bet. Tyler's main options would be any of the other guys, Izzy, Bridgette, and Gwen. Though we don't see any interactions with them in TDI, Tyler gets along mostly pretty well with Owen and Noah in TDWT, so they're probably safe. He seems to be on neutral terms with everyone else. However, of the remaining people, Bridgette is probably his biggest threat. Plus, Bridgette has been shown to not fully respect him. We don't know if he returns that feeling, but she is probably the most likely option. The only remaining unkown is Izzy. I already mentioned that she might vote for Gwen with Heather. She definitely is on good terms with Owen, and seemingly Noah, too. She probably likes Geoff's party-boy attitude, too. We don't really see her interact with Tyler in this season, but they got along in TDWT as well, so I'd assume he would be safe. Then there's Bridgette, Gwen, and Lindsay. She seems to be friends with Lindsay, and is neutral with Bridgette and Gwen, but with Heather's influence, she would probably vote for Gwen. So, Noah and Lindsay each have two, and Gwen and Bridgette have three. Wow, okay. We've got a tie. Okay, time to settle this. Since I can't just magic up a tiebreaker challenge, I will judge this based on how they did in this challenge. Gwen had a good hiding spot, but she overlooked some logistics, like "what happens if someone steps on me?" Bridgette... never really "hid" at all, and got skunk-sprayed. She was also found before Gwen. Therefore, it would still be Bridgette going home. Huh, I guess it was a little repetitive after all. Guess that was kind of a waste of time. Oh well.

That's Off the Chain


I think Chris and Chef are just as confused about the rules of this challenge as we are.

Let's hope this one turns out differently, because the original is so tragic. :( As usual, I'm swapping Duncan with Noah and Tyler with DJ. Everything else is the same. This means that Noah was the one riding Lindsay's bike in the first round. Noah is definitely not the most dextrous guy, nor is he very motivated. I can't imagine he'd get past the first round. You know what that means? Lindsay wouldn't qualify for the second round, which means she is safe (this challenge has weird rules)! Noah saved Lindsay from elimination. Not too shabby, huh? So, Owen would be riding Noah's bike this time, and, once again, given Noah's laziness, and Owen's... Oweny-ness, Owen's not going anywhere fast. Then we get Tyler. Heather would be riding his bike, and he'd be riding Geoff's. Both Heather and Geoff wiped out, and this wouldn't really change no matter how good (or bad) at building or riding bikes Tyler may be. For everyone else, we get the exact same results. The only person who would cross the finish line would be Lindsay, on Heather's bike, which means Heather would be the only one to go to the second round. This is where things get reall confusing. I mean, would they even do the second round? If Heather crosses the finish line no matter what, she'd be the first one to do so, so she'd have immunity, but since there is no one else racing, she'd also be last, so she'd be eliminated? What happens if she doesn't cross the finish line? If they don't do the second round, does Heather get immunity, even though Lindsay crossed the finish line? I don't know. This challenge is totally out of whack. We're gonna have to stretch our imaginations a little bit and come up with our own rules. So, here's how it's gonna work. Everyone is assigned a bike randomly. If they cross the finish line in Round 1, the owner of that bike goes onto Round 2. This is all stuff we know, but here's where we have to fill in the blanks. So, in Round 2, if only one person crosses the finish line at all, that person has immunity, and there is a regular vote. The last non-first-place person to cross the finish line is automatically eliminated, no matter what. If nobody makes it to Round 2 at all, there is just a regular old vote, and no one has immunity. However, if only one person makes it to Round 2, and they successfully cross the finish line, they have immunity, and there is a normal vote. If they do not cross the finish line, nobody gets immunity, just as if no one had made it to Round 2 at all. So now, we need to determine if Heather would have been able to complete Round 2 without Lindsay's help. Let's see. Mine field. She could get lucky. It's possible. She seemed to go in a straight line and be okay, so I'll let her pass. Oil slick. No Sunset Sally to clear the path. Even with the secret motor, she'd probably wipe out, like Duncan did. This means that no one has immunity, and there will be a vote after all. Okay, voting time! Let's see. Gwen and Leshawna would almost certainly vote for Heather. Noah probably would too, and Owen and Geoff might as well. Heather would probably vote Gwen or Leshawna, but realistically, Leshawna is the bigger threat, so probably Leshawna. Since Lindsay would still be in the alliance, she would also vote Leshawna. Tyler would probably not vote for Heather, because she is Lindsay's friend. Yet, I doubt he would vote for Gwen or Leshawna, or really anyone who's a main target right now. Therefore, I'm giving him a throwaway vote. He'll be voting for Izzy, just cause. Speaking of Izzy, I really don't know. If she's still kind of part of Heather's alliance, then I'd guess she'd vote for Leshawna as well. However, Izzy seems to like Leshawna, so maybe she'd vote Gwen. Either way, it's a throwaway vote. Owen and Geoff will still need a bit of a look. Owen doesn't flat out hate Heather yet, but he is scared of her. Geoff doesn't like her either. In the original Hide and Be Sneaky, he suggested voting for Heather, even though she had immunity, so given that she's unsafe now, I doubt he'd hesitate. So, with five votes against her, Heather is gone! Bam!

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Since both DJ and Heather are gone, it's a bit trickier to determine how this elimination would work. We already know how Geoff, Gwen, Izzy, Leshawna, and Owen fare. Let's take a look at the others. Lindsay and Tyler would probably make the same mistake Owen and Izzy did (i.e. a lot of kissing). Even if they didn't, we know Lindsay is scared easily, and Tyler definitley wouldn't have taken things lying down if Lindsay was about to get hacked by an Escaped Psycho Killer With a Chainsaw and a Hook, but at the same time, he probably wouldn't end up saving much. Noah would certainly not make too much of an effort to save himself. Then, we've got Geoff. Things are also a little different for him. Without DJ going to the bathroom, he'd have no reason to leave. Noah probably wouldn't have bothered to leave either. This also means Gwen wouldn't have angrily stormed off to the dining hall, which also means that she never would have come across the actual Escaped Psycho Killer With a Chainsaw and a Hook. It's hard to say exactly what would happen from there, so let's go onto some "what ifs." Say Noah decided he didn't care enough about the challenge, and decided to go back to the cabin to sleep. That's something that could very easily happen, and cause him to get caught. Then Geoff. For simplicity's sake, I'm just gonna say something similar. They play an ice cream truck sound, and Geoff goes off, leaving Gwen to go back to the dining hall, allowing the rest of the episode to play out normally. So, Gwen wins. But who loses? This elimination is based on performance, not votes, so it all depends on who did the worse. This is hard to determine. It's definitely not Gwen or Leshawna. Izzy, Owen, Tyler, and Lindsay all went off "breaking rules one through three," so they are possible subjects for elimination. Geoff also made a dumb mistake, and Noah didn't even try. However, the objective of the challenge is to survive a real life horror movie. There were many people who failed, but there was one person who made the most fatal flaw of all: not caring. Ignoring the danger of horror always leads to death (I assume. I don't watch horror movies). Or, in this case, elimination for Noah. Plus, he had been just floating along for a while now, so it's about time he was sent packing.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild

Nothing in this episode would change Izzy's shooting ability. However, since Heather is gone, and would be replaced by Lindsay, things might go differently. First of all, Lindsay would not have formed an alliance with Duncan, because A, he's gone, and B, she's got plenty of friends already. This alone would save her from being tranquilized. Unless Lindsay is a master bear trapper, or Tyler is a master raccoon catcher, there is nothing stopping Gwen from achieving victory. At this point, it all comes down to just who everyone would vote for. At this point, it becomes tricky, because there's no one left who's antagonistic in any way. Let's start with Geoff. The only hint of dislike we get from him towards anyone is his statement that Gwen is much too serious for his comfort. However, she is immune. The only other "serious" person is Leshawna, so it makes sense for her to be his choice. Gwen has expressed dislike for Geoff, even saying that he creases her more than Heather (at least at this point), so she would most likely vote for him. Then, Izzy. If she was still mad at Owen, she might vote for him. She seems to be good friends with Leshawna... kinda, so she's easily safe. She's also seen being friendly with Lindsay, so she's probably safe too, and Tyler is also probably safe for that reason. I don't think she has any beef with Geoff, so Owen seems like a possible choice. Leshawna doesn't have much of a reason to vote for anyone, other than Lindsay. Why Lindsay? Well, even though Heather was eliminated, Lindsay still never actually saw that she was a jerk, so she would still support her, which would be enough of a reason for Leshawna. Then, Lindsay. By the same logic, she'd probably vote Leshawna. Then there's Owen. I honestly am conflicted here. He's friends with everyone. I'm honestly just going with Tyler, because he's the only one who had never interacted with Owen at this point in canon. So, then there's Tyler. Tyler certainly doesn't really like Heather, based on how she treats Linsday, but at the same time, if Lindsay was voting for Leshawna, perhpaps Tyler would do the same. I honestly have no idea who else he'd vote for. The only other person I could see him possibly voting for would be Izzy, but either way, Leshawna would have two votes to everyone else's one vote, meaning that in this verry narrow vote, Leshawna is out.

Current Standings (spoilers)

Teams have merged!


  1. Geoff
  2. Gwen
  3. Izzy
  4. Lindsay
  5. Owen
  6. Tyler


  1. Courtney (Killer Bass - Not So Happy Campers Part 1)
  2. Eva (Killer Bass - The Big Sleep)
  3. Duncan (Killer Bass - Dodgebrawl)
  4. Justin (Screaming Gophers - Not Quite Famous)
  5. Katie (Killer Bass - The Sucky Outdoors)
  6. Sadie (Kilelr Bass - Phobia Factor)
  7. Izzy (Screaming Gophers - Up the Creek)
  8. Cody (Screaming Gophers - Paintball Deer Hunter)
  9. Beth (Screaming Gophers - If You Can't Take The Heat...)
  10. Ezekiel (Killer Bass - Who Can You Trust?)
  11. DJ (Killer Bass - Basic Straining)
  12. Harold (Killer Bass - X-Treme Torture)
  13. Eva (No Pain, No Game)
  14. Trent (Search and Do Not Destroy)
  15. Bridgette (Hide and Be Sneaky)
  16. Heather (That's Off the Chain!)
  17. Noah (Hook, Line, and Screamer)
  18. Leshawna (Wawankwa Gone Wild)

Elimination Table

Thanks to RBW for making this!

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Courtney Killer Bass 22nd Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
Eva Killer Bass Returns The Big Sleep
Duncan Killer Bass 21st Dodgebrawl
Justin Screaming Gophers 20th Not Quite Famous
Katie Killer Bass 19th The Sucky Outdoors
Sadie Killer Bass 18th Phobia Factor
Izzy Screaming Gophers Returns Up the Creek
Cody Screaming Gophers 17th Paintball Deer Hunter
Beth Screaming Gophers 16th If You Can't Take The Heat...
Ezekiel Killer Bass 15th Who Can You Trust?
DJ Killer Bass 14th Basic Straining
Harold Killer Bass 13th X-Treme Torture
Eva Killer Bass 12th No Pain, No Game
Trent Screaming Gophers 11th Search and Do Not Destroy
Bridgette Killer Bass 10th Hide and Be Sneaky
Heather Screaming Gophers 9th That's Off the Chain!

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