Everything Wrong With - Up the Creek

Sin #1


  • Honestly, Harold more or less did succeed. While he may not have actually won a point, there were a lot of other contestants who did far worse than him. On the other hand, people like Heather and Trent did not face their fears nearly as bravely as others. Man, they really need to fire the guy in charge of these recaps.

Sin #2/Sin #3


  • Why is it shocking that Tyler chickened out. Pretty sure that was obvious.
  • Also, more needless cruelty to Tyler.

Sin #4


  • This line. Has no. Energy

Sin #5


  • Holy cow! This island really is haunted! They got a ghost to paint little red dashes on the map! This show had curses going around way before Beth got her hands on that idol.

Sin #6


  • I get the joke about Geoff being empty-headed, but even if he didn't have a brain or skull or anything in his head, that fly would never have gotten all the way through his head that quickly at the speed it was going.

Sin #7


  • That dramatic thunder was very convenient.

Sin #8/Sin #9


  • Actually, no. Chris did not ever say that. He told the campers to get in their canoes already, and he didn't show up again until they were already in pairs. Besides, some people are in groups of three. Cody is imagining things.
  • A canoe trip across the lake is gonna take a lot more than five minutes. I guess Cody's gonna have a lot of free time after he's done wooing Gwen.

Sin #10


Sin #11


Come with us

Sin #12


  • That is not how you put on a lifejacket, even if you're Izzy.

Sin #13/Sin #14/Sin #15


  • Why does Duncan want to go with Harold and Sadie? We know he doesn't like them.
  • Speaking of which, what made Harold and Sadie pair up? I mean, I guess they don't have many other friends on the team, but they seem like they like each other's company. Is there something here we're not seeing. This is the real story going on here.
  • Also, these three characters have been conveniently grouped together so that none of them will need to have any lines this episode!

Sin #16


Sin #17


  • DJ changed into his swimsuit really quickly.

Sin #18


Poor heather
  • Now Owen's in his swimsuit too. DJ's a trendsetter.

Sin #19


  • And now DJ's back in his regular clothes.

Sin #20/Sin #21/Sin #22


  • Okay, maybe, but you were okay with a celebrity, 21 other contestants, and the entire viewing world call you a chicken on the first day.
  • I don't care how hard you land on your butt. That doesn't happen.
  • "Wedgie-flop" is not a new word. It is in fact two words, both of which already exist.

Sin #23


  • And now Owen's back in his regular clothes too. He's really copying DJ hard today.

Sin #24


  • The problem here isn't that Cody is a scrawny weakling. The problem is that he has a horrible grip on the canoe. He had the right idea at first, but between shots, his hand magically moved to a position that would make it near impossible to move a canoe.

Sin #25


  • DJ and Geoff had already canoed a fair distance from shore, and Heather and Owen passed them. But now, everyone is lined up right at shore.

Sin #26


  • As funny as it is that Heather and Owen's canoe is tilted towards Owen's side, it was not like that a moment ago.

Sin #27


  • Given the distance between Gwen and Cody, the length of the paddle, and where Gwen is holding it, there's no way it would reach his crotch. Good thing the impact happened off-screen so we don't find out Cody was faking that pain.

Sin #28


Sin #29


  • Not that I blame Trent, because, you know, it's Lindsay and all, but for someone who really wants to be on his crush's good side, he's being really open to the idea of letting other girls sit in his lap, especially after leaving said crush buried in the sand.

Sin #30


Not so worst present
  • At this point, Bridgette has just referred to Geoff's gift as "it," yet Courtney still gasps in utter shock.

Sin #31/Sin #32


  • Because, as we know, DJ is an expert at creating new words. Maybe he can call this the "Flirty-Flop." I'm sure that's not a word already.
  • DJ is surprisingly knowledgable about romance considering he's the only contestant from the first cast to never be involved in any sort of romantic relationship or attraction whatsoever. That or he just really likes bunnies.

Sin #32


  • This is actually a really great moment of development for Cody, especially for him being a pretty minor character this season. It's the first time we've gotten to see past his "pervy geek tries to be cool" exterior into what he's really like, so for that, a sin off. However, a sin added right back for Gwen whacking his groin despite the fact that the paddle should not reach that far back... again.

Sin #33


  • At this point, the Gophers and Bass were still together, yet only the Gophers are seen running here. I guess the Bass all got eaten.

Sin #34


  • Why does a bear have glasses? Do bears have a bear optometrist they go to?

Sin #35


  • Hey! We paid Dr. Bearesford good money for those glasses!

Sin #36


  • Moments ago, Gwen and Cody were in the front. Now they're in the back. Clearly their will to live is not as strong as their teammates'.

Sin #37/Sin #38


  • Oh, I guess the Bass are still alive after all.
  • Except for Bridgette and Courtney, who are still gone, presumably sacrificed to the wooly beavers.

Sin #39


  • Courtney takes her hand off the canoe for a second, and it drops, but earlier, Cody had his hand off the canoe for a while, and he still held it up. I guess gravity decided to only do its job for Courtney.

Sin #40


  • No. No, it isn't. The left trail is clearly wider. Listen to Courtney, people! I guess the Gophers proved that the left trail was more dangerous, so I can't exactly complain. I still will though.

Sin #41


  • I sure hope Gwen remembers this poor direction decision by Trent next time her team has to decide whether to go left or right.

Sin #42


  • I won't get into the nitty-gritty science of quicksand. That's what Wikipedia is for. Long story short, that's not how quicksand works.

Sin #43


  • If Chris is this surprisied someone fell into the quicksand, why even set it up? Creating a quicksand trap like that is no small undertaking. Seems like a waste of time, unless he was sure it would end up being worth it.

Sin #44


  • Trent has been sinking for a while now, so how is Lindsay already just as deep as him?

Sin #45/Sin #46


  • Trent took a really long time to start calling for help.
  • Then again, his team spent a long time doing nothing but watching, so I guess he was only just now realizing they weren't gonna help him unless he asked them to.

Sin #47/Sin #48/Sin #49


Cody Tarzan
  • As awesome as this moment is, where did that vine come from?
  • Also, to be able to swing the way he does, Cody would have to get above ground to begin swinging, but just a second ago, he was running on the ground.
  • And how is Cody not badly injured here?

Sin #50


  • How did Lindsay get below Trent? Is her chest so big that she weighs that much more than Trent?

Sin #51/Sin #52


  • Cody walks over the quicksand, but doesn't sink. Is he that light?
  • Trent's approval is all it takes to heal Cody of any broken bones and brain damage he got from smashing into a tree.

Sin #54


  • Gwen is really apathetic considering her crush almost just died.

Sin #55


  • How exactly did Geoff get this splinter? He didn't walk past anything that would've made that happen.
  • This scene is just so hilarious, from how over-dramatic everyone is to how Courtney is so openly willing to abandon her teammate that I just have to remove a sin.
  • Unfortunately, that sin is earned right back for such a tiny injury becoming as plot relevant as it is.

Sin #56


  • How did the Gophers get here so much faster than the Bass? Did Geoff's injury slow the Bass down that much?

Sin #57


  • Why aren't Trent and Cody helping build the fire?

Sin #58/Sin #59


  • Why is Trent so shocked? Shouldn't he already know that? Even if it wasn't obvious, Heather already confirmed it to be true.
  • Also, Trent is a major jerk to the boy who just saved his life minutes ago.

Sin #60/Sin #61/Sin #62


  • Harold goes into moron mode.
  • Everyone else just sits here and watches Harold, and no one tries to stop him until the deed is done.
  • Also, Duncan's eyebrow ring is on the wrong side.

Sin #63


  • This explosion does not start a forest fire.

Sin #64


  • So, how does this challenge work? Is it a race, or is it based on points? Chris said earlier "Edge, Killer Bass," when they made their fire first, but he gave the point to the Gophers when they built a bigger fire. Why do they need points? What's the point of this fire building part anyways?

Sin #65


  • There's no way a newbie swimmer pushed all those canoes that quickly with the whole team on board. I'm calling bull-potty on the Bass' win.

Sin #66


  • Not only is there no way DJ pushed the canoes that fast, but their landing is ridiculous too. There's no way they landed on the canoes when most of them were flying in front of them.

Sin #67


  • Not exactly. Izzy scored a point with her fire starter, and it was Lindsay and Trent who clumsily got stuck in quicksand. Then again, both of them are far more plot-relevant, so...

Sin #68


  • I know Heather likes to have different hairstyles each season, but between shots? Really?

Sin #69


  • Lindsay follows in Owen and DJ's footsteps and changes clothes between shots.

Sin #68


  • This elimination is honestly so perfect. Sin off!

Sin #69


  • Izzy admits that she was lying here, but later, she reveals that she is unable to lie. I guess the chip wasn't installed yet.

Sin #70


Gophers Shocked
  • This elimination is Cody-approved.

Sin #71


  • Bridgette and Courtney decided to stay in the Gopher's cabin tonight.

Sin #72


  • The picture(s) in the bowl have been replaced with some shiny mirror-like surface.

Total Sin Count: 72

Punishment: WEDGIE-FLOP

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