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Welcome to Character Appreciation, a blog series that will run for the whole year alongside Project 10. Each week we'll take a look at one Total Drama character, what we like and dislike about them, how they've grown, and what we hope to see from them in the future. I'm ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy, and this week, we'll be appreciating the Homeschooled Guy, Ezekiel!


Ever since Ezekiel first arrived to Camp Wawanakwa back in Season 1, he was... odd. Naive, sheltered, and clueless, Ezekiel proves that though he may have had a good education growing up, he knows nothing about the real world. He has the distinction of being the first conestent ever eliminated from the series. Despite doing well in the challenge, Ezekiel's social game came crashing down due to his very misinformed views on women. When we next see him, we find out that he has gone into a "ghetto rapper phase," which he remains in for quite a while, though he temporarily loses it in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. During Total Drama Action, Ezekiel is a mere Aftermath commentator, and it isn't until Total Drama World Tour that he comes into the spotlight again.

In the premiere episode, Ezekiel is determined to redeem himself and win the season, and repeatedly begs Chris to allow him to take part. Chris eventually concedes, but after a few clumsy mistakes, Ezekiel is eliminated in the very next episode. However, Ezekiel refuses to accept his elimination, and hangs onto the plane. He is seen briefly by Team Amazon in the next episode in the cargo hold, and from then on, is seen throughout the season, hiding in the background on the plane. As he hides out, he slowly loses humanity, and regresses into an animalistic freak. In I See London...Owen and Noah catch him, under the guise of "Jack the Ripper," given the chance to return to the competition if he could capture all of the contestants, which he fails to do, and is thrown out of the plane once again, only to sneak his way back on, thus resuming his cameo appearances, until he is ratted out by Blaineley during her elimination. In the subsequent episode, he is brought back as part of the challenge. At this point, he has become a completely feral monster. He is left behind in Africa, but, yet again, manages to get back on the plane. He was later found by Alejandro on his way to Hawaii. Alejandro uses him to attack Heather, but Ezekiel is eventually left behind once again. However, he manages to follow the final three to Hawaii for finale. As Heather celebrates her victory (or mourns her loss, in Alejandro's version), the feral Ezekiel rises up behind her, attacking her (or Chris) for the money, before plummeting with the case into the volcano. He is seen to survive the ordeal, when he hurls towards Chris and Chef Hatchet in a ball of fire, ending the season.

Throghout the next two seasons, Ezekiel makes cameos in certain episodes, before having a major antagonistic role in Zeek and Ye Shall Find, where he captures Chris, and nearly kills him, before he is stopped by Gwen. In the exclusive clip of the episode, Ezekiel finds his way to the Fun Zone on Boney Island, where he is hailed as king of the mutated creatures, giving him the happy ending he was looking for.


Unlike many people, I am very fond of Ezekiel. I found him to be a very fascinating character, prior to his degeneration in Total Drama World Tour. I think a lot of us here can relate to being maybe just a little bit socially inept, though hopefully not to the degree Ezekiel is. He was eliminated simply for offending his teammates, even though he performed pretty well in the challenge. Yeah, I'll definitely admit what he said was bad, but it's very clear that he meant no harm. To him, he was only stating fact. He was raised to believe certain things, and did not know people would be offended by them. Notice how not once, literally not once ever after his elimination does he ever do anything remotely sexist, and even worked very well with Beth and Lindsay in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. Yet certain other characters get away with saying sexist things with actual intent to offend ("There's no way us athletes can lose an Olympic challenge to a team with no men!"-Alejandro, Greece's Pieces). When Ezekiel returns, he is determined to redeem himself from his epic failure, and is admittedly very overconfident in his abilities, which I find pretty amusing. I will admit his "rapper" slang can get kind of annoying, but I enjoyed it when he used it here and there. His elimination in World Tour was definitely much more warranted, but I still can't help feeling bad for him. Sadly, from then on, things only got worse. Though I love the real Ezekiel, I absolutely DESPISE feral Zeke, or as I call him "E-freak-iel." It's a disgrace to the character and a disgrace to the show. The only episode I ever really enjoyed that involved E-freak-iel heavily was A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Sadly, at this point, his character is well and truly destroyed, and for what? A Lord of the Rings reference? Ezekiel is a very tragic character who's determination led to his ultimate downfall, and began his deevolution process that cannot be undone. Rest in piece Ezekiel. I swear, one day, I will get revenge on the freakazoid Gollum monster that murdered you while you were hiding on the plane!

Best Moment: Being the first to find the case in TDDDDI, but getting totally ignored by Beth and Lidnsay.

Best Season: Total Drama Island

Best Episode: Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


What about you? Despite the title, this blog is open to all opinions! Share your thoughts about Ezekiel in the comments and use the {{EzekielFan}}/{{EzekielHater}}/{{User:Chewy57/EzekielNeutral}} userboxes too. Don't forget to share your Best Moment, Best Season and Best Episode of Ezekiel! Next week, MrQuest17 will be analyzing and giving his opinions on the Funniest Guy Around, Geoff!

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