Since TDRR everyone is creating many expectations for an upcoming season, especially me. But what do you want or expect for next season? The characters you want to see? Things that do not know the other seasons and do not want to be repeated?

Here is my opinion:

- It has to have 28-30 episodes One of the things that made TDRI, TDAS and TDPI so bad for a lot of episodes. 13 episodes are not enough to develop a story and introduce new characters.

More Reality. Maybe a season 4 of Total Drama does not show itself to radioactive monsters scattered around the island, they completely ruined a Dakota turning it into a monster. A character as cool as that, also everything became much more childish and irrialist

More realistic characters. I could not watch TDPI without being ashamed, turned the drawing into a fairy tale, Ella looked like snow white, a guy who fancy himself as a magician, a guy who makes electronic sounds through his mouth, a soft little villain, and a genius of the bad. Oh really? What did the writers smoke before creating these characters? And still turned Chris into a maniac psycho, I really wanted them to forget these characters and bring this season only the most realistic for the new season.

- Bring back the "main characters", but do not give so much screen time to them. Characters like Heather, Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, Alejandro are the favorites of the series, make a season with the old characters only without them would displease some fans, as for example me, but that does not give much focus to them, A lot of screen time and development of their story, however they could arrange a few things in their personalities, especially to concert Courtney, also highlight other characteristics of these characters.

- Bring legal characters that have not been well taken advantage of, or appeared little. My suggestion is Dawn and Noah, I also really want Scott to come back, I want Scott, Dawn or Courtney to win. And you??? Leave your opinion there..

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