Us Survivor fans must be surely wondering who'd get on if there was a Total Drama vote on who'd compete in the next season.

Well, time to find out! Down below are two straw-polls: one for the past Total Drama females, and one for the past Total Drama males.

Pick eleven for each gender and have fun!

I may consider making a full cast list if I get enough votes.

Anyway, here the straw-polls are:

Female straw-poll:

Male straw-poll:

PS: You're NOT voting on the OFFICIAL contestants for the next Total Drama season. This is just a test to see where the majority would lie... 


1st: Leshawna

2nd: Dawn

3rd: Eva

4th: Lindsay

5th: Sammy

6th: Ella

7th: Jasmine

Tie For 8th: Dakota, Anne Maria and Amy

Tie For Last Spot: Izzy, Scarlett, Jo and Katie


1st: Brick

2nd: Harold

3rd: Tyler

4th: Noah

Tie For 5th: Scott and Justin

Tie for 7th: Max and B 

Tie for 9th: Trent and Rodney

11th: Lightning


Leshawna, Dawn, Eva, Lindsay, Sammy, Ella, Jasmine, Dakota, Anne Maria, Amy and Izzy/Scarlett/Jo/Katie

Brick, Harold, Tyler, Noah, Scott, Justin, Max, B, Trent, Rodney and Lightning

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