Hey guys. So, imagine if TDWT had 22 contestants instead of 18, and rather than Blaineley debuting, Eva did.

The four veterans who didn't make it in from TDI are... Katie, Sadie, Justin and Trent! (and Eva when she debuts when 12 contestants are remaining.)

What would you elimination order be? Now, here are the teams:

Team Victory: Katie, Gwen, Justin, Trent, Tyler, Cody and Courtney.
Team Amazon: Alejandro, Heather, Leshawna, Owen, Harold, Lindsay and Noah.
Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot: Sierra, Duncan, Ezekiel, Izzy, DJ, Sadie and Bridgette.

Write away! I'm really interested to see what elimination orders you guys come up with! :)

PS: When Eva debuts, she'll be on Team Amazon.

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