Sup my friendos; ScorpioTheBadGuy here. This is perhaps my first big blog. 'What's it about?' you might ask.

Well, as you may or may not know, there's a new Total Drama Ridonculous Race pair getting revealed very soon (it's unknown exactly when). So, I'm going to name 24 teams (veterans not included) that are possible to have a similar official pair in Total Drama Ridonculous Race. It'd be interesting to see what you guys think about them and if I should possibly use them for a fanfiction in the far future.

Team number 1: Devin and Carrie. (OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Best Friends

Description: from what we know about Devin and Carrie; they're both life-long friends, and possibly similar to Dawn: perhaps they both have a acuity and knowledge on nature. However, that's not confirmed yet. What has however been confirmed is the fact that Carrie has a big secret she's keeping from Devin. It's likely that she has a crush on him, as seen in one of the pictures that FreshTV posted for us on the Facebook Official Total Drama Fangroup (you can also find them online), Carrie is swooning over Devin.

A likely plot is that Carrie will struggle to deal with her crush on him and is trying to find away to tell him, yet is somewhat hesitant. Also, they appear as if they may make it very far.

Devin seems to be like Trent, but that's only a wild guess. He appears to be a good person; as him and Carrie are very good friends. However, they might also both be antagonists, but it's unlikely.

They appear to both be in their 20's.

Predicted Ranking: 3rd. I think FreshTV would find it to obvious to have them win; so Devin and Carrie will fall behind eventually and end up getting eliminated just before the finale.

All-Stars?: Yes. Not only did they place third, but it'd be interesting to see them as a couple in All-Stars (if they become a couple that is). However, they'd leave very early in All-Stars.

Team number 2: Robert and Teresa. (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Annoying Little Brother VS The Punk Older Sister

Description: before I describe how FreshTV would likely use this team if a different team of it's kind appears in Total Drama Ridonculous Race, I'm just going to state an important message: I know most of you know this, but this team is made by ME. It's not an official team and will never be an official team, the same as all the following teams (except Devin and Carrie). It's just a possibility that FreshTV will have a pair that is similar to the one that I have created in their spin-off. Thank you.

Robert is the typical, ten-year-old annoying brother. He bugs Teresa oftenly and always ends up teasing her and making her life a misery. And this is why his and Teresa's mother have signed them up for Total Drama Ridonculous Race against their own will.

Teresa is the typical, eighteen-year-old moody guitar-wielding punk older sister. She'd sort of take (TDI) Gwen's place as the sarcastic goth/punk. However, she'd probably be sneakier than Gwen and would always try to sabotage other teams. Yet, Robert always stops her claiming that 'Mommy will kill you!'.

Predicted Ranking: 9th. In the midst of the competition; the exact halfway point, Robert and Teresa would end up being eliminated. In the first few legs, Robert and Teresa would barely make it out alive with very low places in the legs. However, as the game progresses, Teresa gets more and more violent and strict with Robert, and turns into more of an antagonist. Yet, she merely ends up as a side antagonist. However, when Robert saves her life at the end of their final leg, she apologizes to him, claiming it was her fault they lost because she was so competitive.

All-Stars?: Possibly. Robert and Teresa made it to the halfway mark, and are basically the 'Comeback Kids' of the entire season, even though they didn't win or make the finale. Perhaps after the experience of season one of Total Drama Ridonculous Race, Robert's turned into a mini-punk thanks to Teresa's converting?

Team number 3: Bert and Margaret. (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Cheerful Parents

Description: Bert and Margaret are both getting on abit; they're in their forties. Yet, they just cannot help but have fun! This is why they auditioned for The Ridonculous Race.

They hold a personality similar to Ella and Lindsay. Cheerful, yet slightly corroded in the brain. Bert and Margaret are very calm and humble and Bert claims that 'I'd be happy to be eliminated first'.

However, they both have their differences. Margaret has a higher competitive nerve than Bert does, and occasionally has 'hissy-fits' when something goes wrong for her. Luckily, Bert never goes against her and lets her let her feelings be released. However, Margaret is also smarter than Bert and is usually the brains of the team, if there are any.

Predicted Ranking: 17th. Bert and Margaret would place 17th in the first leg; only barely making it out alive. Yet in the second leg, Bert and Margaret are in dead last. Unfortunately, the pair fails to make a comeback and ends up getting eliminated.

All-Stars?: No. Bert and Margaret are good people, but didn't make it very far and wouldn't have much more plot/drama to create.

Team number 4: Tony and Wayne. (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Competitive 'Soul-Related Twins'

Description: Tony and Wayne have known eachother since they were both eleven-years-old (They're now both 25. They were born on the same day; December the ninth.) and have gotten along ever since. They're so similar that they call themselves 'Soul-Related Twins'. However, being similar comes with issues.

Tony and Wayne argue. Often. They both attempt to be the alpha-male and always fall for the same chicks, creating a large amount of drama. And that's why they're perfect for The Ridonculous Race!

You can see them as male Katie and Sadie with - annoying and + arguing. However, they'd also make much more of a power duo.

Predicted Ranking: 6th. Although they argue, Tony and Wayne would hit around 5th-1st (with occasional 13th-10th) rankings in almost every leg, seeing how strong they are as a team. Tony plays as the muscle while Wayne plays as the brains, yet they both have the muscle part. However, perhaps the other remaining five teams gang up on them in an alliance to take Wayne and Tony out, seeing their power?

All-Stars?: Yes. Wayne and Tony not only created drama, but placed high and made comedy. They'd be the perfect All-Stars.

Team number 5: Ray and Brit (Rachel and Brittany). (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The All-Girl Band Members

Description: Ray and Brit merely met two years ago, but have known that they're meant-to-be-friends since. A few months before they auditioned for Total Drama The Ridonculous Race, the two made a band called 'Ray and Brit VS The World!'.

Although it has a cheesy name, the band was and still is a huge success. In fact, many of the other contestants of The Ridonculous Race will know who they are.

As people, the two are rather normal and fairly nice. However, they're also quite different.

Ray is nicer, and is the drummer for their band. However, she's lazier and less competitive than Brit.

Brit is british (Ironically), and is very competitive and quite blunt and slightly mean to people. However, whenever Brit insults someone, Ray always steps in and corrects her acting as if Brit almost didn't mean it.

Predicted Ranking: 2nd in Canada, 1st in America. At the start of the competition, Ray and Brit are targeted by the people who are not fans of them as they 1: already own a large amount of money and 2: have many fans in the competition who will help them. Fortunately for them, their fitness and smarts plus fans take them bang straight to the finale. Yet, they're not the official winners, as they lose in Canada.

All-Stars?: Yes. As the runner-ups, Ray and Brit would obviously return.

Team number 6: Ryan and Stephanie. (OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Daters

Description: Ryan and Stephanie obviously love eachother very much, and met eachother in College. However, they're bound to have an argument at some point in the race. Perhaps they found out they're not meant for eachother?

From what we know about them, they're fitness models and they're in love.

Predicted Ranking: 18th. Depending on their personality, Devin and Carrie will be eliminated early or late. However, I personally believe they wont do very well as they seem cocky and rather silly, or is it just me?

All-Stars? No. They left early and I doubt they'd be classified as 'All-Stars'. Especially if there aren't any All-Stars like Sam in the Total Drama Ridonculous Race All-Stars.

Team number 7: Elizabeth and Roger. (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The 'Friends' (Rivals)

Description: Elizabeth and Roger have known eachother since they were four-years-old, since they met in Kindergarten. Knowing Elizabeth's judgemental and rather silly mother Lena, she believed that Elizabeth and Roger were best friends after merely seeing them have one interaction.

Ever since, Lena has set up constant play-dates for the two. However, little does Lena know, they HATE eachother. Elizabeth has tried to warn her mother in the past, but it never works. And THIS is why they're on the Ridonculous Race: so that they can escape from Lena, Elizabeth's crazy mother.

The two are exact polar opposites, yet they're both antagonists. Elizabeth is smarter and far more strategic and laid-back, while Roger leaps before he thinks, yet is still up for sabotaging the other teams.

Almost in every leg, Elizabeth and Roger would end up in an argument. However, the two are both mentally capable and strategic, so would this take them further in the race?

Predicted Ranking: 4th. As typical Total Drama antagonists, they make it towards the end but get eliminated a moment before. However, the two would agree that they still hate eachother but they also agree on the fact that they're a good team together.

All-Stars?: Yes. They'd be the main antagonists of the season!

Team number 8: Nathan and Mick. (NOT AN OFFICIAL TEAM)

Team name: The Brain and The Brawns

Description: Nathan has been into the Olympics since he was eight. And since then, he's also been training for the Olympics. Meanwhile, Mick has been watching Mastermind since he was five and he has been increasing his general knowledge level since he was the same age.

Personality wise: Nathan is the flirtatious and meaner, dumber yet older sibling while Mick is quieter, smarter and perhaps even nicer, as he stops Nathan from bullying most of the time.

As a team, they'd work pretty well. Mick is the brains, while Nathan is the brawns. Mick isn't physically weak, he holds a physique similar to Duncan: slender, with some toning.

Predicted Ranking: 12th. Their boot would be rather early, however they'd make it about 8 episodes in. Nathan and Mick would play as comic-relief and slight antagonists, but their luck of placing high in every leg runs out once them and Tony and Wayne are fighting for 11th place. Although Nathan and Mick are winning at first, Tony and Wayne beat Mick in a foot-race (Nathan made it to the pit-stop merely moments before Tony and Wayne, being an athlete.) which causes the brothers to say their goodbyes.

All-Stars?: No. They'd return to different seasons, but not All-Stars.

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