Hey guys! Scorpio here! This blog post is basically me asking your opinion on the big The Ridonculous Race leak.

Personally, I think that whoever leaked the information did a very bad thing. Their punishment should be a fine, in my opinion.

It sucks that all the suspense is gone, and after seeing the theme-song AND the first episode, the suspense is even MORE gone. Hopefully, however, season 2 of Ridonculous Race will be 100% unleaked if it is going to be made. 

Regarding the returning characters, I think they were all actually a pretty good pick (guessing that they'll all get development.) However, personally I'd swap Leonard with Ella.

Next season of Ridonculous Race (if it is going to be made) I think should have five Total Drama veteran contestants: Trent, Dawn, Brick, Ella and Eva are some off the top of my head that could work well. 

Also, are you guys happy that you got all of the characters leaked so early, or would you have preferred to wait? 

Are you disappointed on some of the Total Drama veterans they brung back?

Answer in the comments! C: 

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