Hello, all and welcome to a little voting game which I will be doing! The rules are as follow (yes, it is based off of Wiki Wars but with a much different goal): 

- I will give you guys three 'situations' to vote on (use the voting templates to vote (guide on how to use them at the bottom of the blog) which could heavily change the season (theme, contestants, host, location, challenges, etc) the 'situation' which wins the round will be written down by me.

- Every round, there will be three more 'situations' and the winning 'situation' of the previous round will also be announced.

- After the game is over (probably after 20+ rounds)  I will add all of the winning 'situations' together to form what you guys deem to be an ideal season 6!

Now, lets get to round 1:

Where should season 6 take place?


The Abandoned Film Lot...

Pahkitew Island,,,

or Boney Island?

PS: use the template

#1 I'm voting for option one!
 to vote for option 1,
#2 I'm voting for option two!
 to vote for option 2, and
#3 I'm voting for option three!
to vote for option 3. Thank you. 

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