EDIT: I had no idea I'd get so many replies. Please not that I did this at 6 AM when I was half asleep. Thanks.

Okay, so, I want to cut to the chase here. I personally believe that it is quite likely S6 of Total Drama will be Fans (newbies) Vs Favorites (returning players), 12 fans in one team and 12 favorites in the other.

So, who will those 12 favorites be, you might ask? Here is who I think. But first of all, I'm going to narrow it down and cut out the ones who I don't think will be in TD6.

Ridonculous Racers: Geoff, Noah, Owen and Leonard

Lets face it. There is NO WAY Fresh will let these guys go again in TD after competing in RR, especially in the next TD season. Therefor, these guys are instantly out in my books.

Controversial Contestants: Sam, Zoey and Mike

Fresh knows that almost nobody wants these guys back, lets be honest. Sam has the biggest shot at returning in TD6 out of all three of them but I'd count all of them out in my books.

First Boots: Ezekiel, Staci and Beardo

I'd count them out because favorites are honestly going to be the people who everyone wants back, and those three do NOT deliver in that respect.

Probably Future Ridonculous Racers: Katie/Sadie, Amy/Sammy and Alejandro/Heather

These three duos are the ONLY ones who I think will convert to RR. They're both high on the list to come back; but I can't see them competing in Total Drama again. Not soon, at least. 

Left Their Season In A... Bad State: Dakota. DJ and Scarlett

Okay, okay. So, this is probably the most controversial remove I've done so far. Let me explain. I don't think the writers will bother unmutiating Dakota JUST for another season, especially since there are over 10 other veterans who are asked after more. Same goes to DJ (who had the whole animal curse thing) and Scarlett (self-explanatory.) 

Probably Forgotten/Not Popular Enough: B, Beth and Justin

I actually love all three of these characters. This decision is a hard one, but I really doubt that Fresh remembers them enough and Beth kind of had her story completed already.

Wrapped Up Story/Burnt Out Characters: Cameron, Bridgette, Sierra, Topher, Lightning, Courtney, Gwen and Duncan

Okay... So, lets be honest. Cameron, Bridgette, Sierra, Topher and Lightning. What could be done with them? In my opinion, THEIR story is done with Total Drama. Sure, they could possibly go on The Ridonculous Race in the future, but I don't see them appearing on TD again. Courtney, Gwen and Duncan I think are burnt out and the writers know this by now, surely. 

And that leaves... 














Anne Maria







and Scott

So, I'm now going to do something where I take out five every round. The first five are: Anne Maria, Jo, Rodney, Scott and Max. This was a really, really hard decision. Anne Maria I believe we WILL see again on another Total Drama season, but not this one. Jo I believe is kinda burnt out in a way. Rodney isn't favored enough by fans. Scott can't do much without Courtney and Max... He's great, but probably not too high up on the list, especially considering this season will probably favor underdogs, which Max wasn't really. Mind you, I believe we'll see him again soon, like Anne Maria.

And the final four contestants who wont make it onto TD6 are...: Izzy, Lindsay, Tyler and Harold.  I honestly don't believe it's any of these guys' tiime to shine, unfortunately. In fact, Izzy, Tyler and Harold would be good for The Ridonculous Race, which might be where we see them next.

So, remaining we have...












and Sugar 

But wait. There's a gender equality issue, we're missing a guy. This means that one girl will have to be swapped with a male, and I think that will be... Sugar. Sugar is ANOTHER possible RR contestant, and I really don't think this will be her time, but she'd be close to competing again.

Replacing her is Max.

And with that, we have our final cast! Now, I'm going to try to predict where they will place on their team.


12/12: Max. (24th overall, 2 episodes)

11/12: Shawn. (23rd overall, 3 episodes)

10/12: Leshawna. (21st overall, 5 episodes)

9/12: ''Ella. (Non-elimination, 8 episodes)

9/12: Cody'. '(18th overall, 9 episodes)

8/12: Sky. (17th overall, 10 episodes)

7/12: Jasmine. (15th overall, 12 episodes)

6/12: Eva. (Non-elimination, 14 episodes)

6/12: Brick. (13th overall, 15 episodes)


5/12: Trent. (10th overall, 18 episodes)

4-3/12: Eva and Dawn. (7th/6th overall, 21 episodes)

2/12: Dave. (4th overall, 23 episodes)

1/12: Ella. (2nd/1st overall, 25 episodes)

(Remember, there'd be a 'special' as well.) 

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