Yo, dudes, and welcome to round 4 of TPTDS6! Last time... It was vote between cast formations, but in a landslide of a vote (I'll try to make sure this round is more balanced) the winning situation was...


This means that the current list of winning situations is:

Location: The Abandoned Film Lot.

Main Twist: Returning previously eliminated contestants.

Cast Formation: All-Veterans.

And, with just over double the votes of their opponent, the winner of last round's bonus-round was... Dawn.


- Anne Maria.

- Dawn.

So, who's ready for us to begin round 4?! Was that a yes? GOOD!

Anyway, my question today is... Which of these 3 would you most like to see focus on in S6?Relationships...Alliances...... Or conflicts?

BONUS ROUND: They're both geeky, but in a different way... It's Harold VS Cody!

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