Anyway, welcome to my narrowing down of The Ridonculous Race. You could kind of call this a predictions blog, which it kinda is. However, I'll probably talk about some stuff other than just my predictions.

Well, back in 2014, before PI I narrowed down a LOT of things: Shawn or Sky being in the finale (and they both were), Shawn X Jasmine AND Scarlett being the antagonist believe it or not. Here, I'm trying to do the same thing.

Anyway, lets start with the most obvious question: who will go home first? And I'm going to try to figure that out.

Obvious Choices

Number one: Gerry and Pete.

Now, these two are extremely obvious to be booted out early. Not that I don't like them, but they're my first choice out of the 'obvious choices'.

First of all: they're older than all the other teams, they are rivals, and they seem like obvious fodder. I like Gerry and Pete, but I can't see them going further than 15th place. 

The only thing that I think they have going for them is the fact that if I remember correctly they're 18th place right now and I'm pretty sure CN or Fresh don't want to make it that obvious that they're going home first.

Number two: Mickey and Jay.

Your jaws are probably all dropped right now. However, these guys have more going against them than you'd think.

Sure, they have a really good underdog thing, but what else do they have? They're... Kinda funny? However, almost all the other teams (minus a few) could have a good story-line except for these guys. They could only really serve as underdogs or comic-relief. They have no conflict, and they're not willing to make alliances? This pretty much blocks out most interaction they could have with other teams.

The other thing is, they are both copy-and-pastes of Cameron's old design. This screams B, who wasn't only based off of DJ's old design, but didn't speak. And guess how far B got? About three episodes in.

And finally, this is quite a minor reason but there are like way more men than women in this season so it kind of makes sense to boot an all-male team first.

Anyway, to me, these guys don't seem much more than fodder who are there for early comic-relief or a story-line which lasts only about two episodes, like maybe one of the all-female teams manipulates them into thinking they're in-love with them? That's basically the only story-line I can think of for these guys, excluding the classic under-dog thing.

Number three: Rock and Spud.

Wow, another all-male team? I think it's pretty much confirmed that we'll get an all-male team first-boot. Anyway, these two are actually one of my favourite teams, but them not going far is pretty self-explanatory.

Either these two will be the, 'ones who you didn't expect who make it far' or the, 'obvious early-boots' and as much as I would like it to be the former, I'm leaning towards the latter.

First off, I think it's obvious that they're made to annoy people, they're obviously comic-relief AND Spud hasn't spoken yet, but I think that kinda suits Spud's character.

The one, one big thing that they could have going for them is having Carter Hayden as Spud. This could just be to save some time, which it probably is, but perhaps they do want to utilize the power of Hayden? This is the reason that they're, in my opinion, the most unlikely of the likely first-boots.

So, do you guys like this blog post so far? I'd be happy to continue it and add who I think will go 11th and before, so stay tuned for that.

Anyways, until next time! Bye for now! 

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