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  • ScorpioTheBadGuy

    Yo, dudes, and welcome to round 4 of TPTDS6! Last time... It was vote between cast formations, but in a landslide of a vote (I'll try to make sure this round is more balanced) the winning situation was...


    This means that the current list of winning situations is:

    Location: The Abandoned Film Lot.

    Main Twist: Returning previously eliminated contestants.

    Cast Formation: All-Veterans.

    And, with just over double the votes of their opponent, the winner of last round's bonus-round was... Dawn.


    - Anne Maria.

    - Dawn.

    So, who's ready for us to begin round 4?! Was that a yes? GOOD!

    'Anyway, my question today is... Which of these 3 would you most like to see focus on in S6?'... Or conflicts?

    BONUS ROUND: They're both geeky, but in a different w…

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  • ScorpioTheBadGuy

    Hey guys and welcome to round 3 of TPTDS6! Last time, it was a battle between past twists, but in merely a  one vote difference, the winner was...

    Returning contestants.

    This means that the current list of winning situations is:

    Theme: The Abandoned Film Lot.

    Main Twist: returning contestants.

    Also, the winner of the bonus round and our first cast-member by a few votes was... Anne Maria. 


    - Anne Maria.

    Okay, so lets get to the third round! This is going to be one of the most important rounds of the game (next to one that I cannot spoil at this point.) The question is... How do you want the cast to be formed? 


    ... All-newbies but with two veterans? (Based on Survivor: Guatemala, South Pacific and Redemption Island.)


    ... All-veterans? (Based on…

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  • ScorpioTheBadGuy

    Hey guys, and welcome to round two of TPTDS6! 

    Last round, it was a battle between three locations which could possibly be used in the next season of Total Drama. It was a close vote between The Abandoned Film Lot and Boney Island (with Pahkitew Island out of it) but ultimately The Abandoned Film Lot emerged victorious.

    Plus, to make things easier, templates won't be used to vote anymore. Instead, just say, 'I vote ____'. 

    Also, in a new rule added to the game, every round there will be an extra 'bonus' vote between two past contestants. The contestant who receives the most votes will be added to the cast list, whilst the other contestant will be out. This will be so that we can determine the cast before the final round which will involve all…

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  • ScorpioTheBadGuy

    Hello, all and welcome to a little voting game which I will be doing! The rules are as follow (yes, it is based off of Wiki Wars but with a much different goal): 

    - I will give you guys three 'situations' to vote on (use the voting templates to vote (guide on how to use them at the bottom of the blog) which could heavily change the season (theme, contestants, host, location, challenges, etc) the 'situation' which wins the round will be written down by me.

    - Every round, there will be three more 'situations' and the winning 'situation' of the previous round will also be announced.

    - After the game is over (probably after 20+ rounds)  I will add all of the winning 'situations' together to form what you guys deem to be an ideal season 6!

    Now, lets…

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  • ScorpioTheBadGuy

    EDIT: I had no idea I'd get so many replies. Please not that I did this at 6 AM when I was half asleep. Thanks.

    Okay, so, I want to cut to the chase here. I personally believe that it is quite likely S6 of Total Drama will be Fans (newbies) Vs Favorites (returning players), 12 fans in one team and 12 favorites in the other.

    So, who will those 12 favorites be, you might ask? Here is who I think. But first of all, I'm going to narrow it down and cut out the ones who I don't think will be in TD6.

    Ridonculous Racers: Geoff, Noah, Owen and Leonard

    Lets face it. There is NO WAY Fresh will let these guys go again in TD after competing in RR, especially in the next TD season. Therefor, these guys are instantly out in my books.

    Controversial Contestants…

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