• Scarletmoon579

    1. How many parents do you live with?a. Both.

    b. One.

    c. other

    2. How many friends do you have?

    a. You call them friends, I call them minions.

    b. I'm a loner.

    c. other

    3. Punk or chic?

    a. Chic.

    b. Punk.

    c. other.

    4. Why will YOU win TDI?

    a. Nobody can top my cleverness.

    b. I don't care about winning, really. I did this for a dare.

    c. other.

    5. What means the most to you in the whole wide world?

    a. Let run through my closet five times and I'll get back to you on that.

    b. Probably my mom, my brother, and my personality.

    c. other.

    If you picked mostly A's: You are a Heather.

    If you picked mostly B's: You are a Gwen.

    If you picked mostly C's: Who you are is for you to decide and us to never find out.

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