I felt as if some of the eliminations shouldnt have gone the way they did. In some cases, the other person in the bottom should have been eliminated instead. So here is what i would shouldve happened.

  • Ezekiel - Sexist comments? Like seriously i wouldve voted off Courtney myself, but he probably wouldve gotten kicked off in the next episode.
  • Eva - i dont see what Harold did to recieve the final marshmellow. He wet his pants but thats it. But Eva's attitude and bad temper wouldve lead to her elimination anyways.
  • Noah - Noah.........thats all i have to say
  • Heather - Justin did nothing wrong. Besides....heather screwed up.
  • Either Katie or Sadie-i think they just wanted one of them off. I wouldve just randomly picked one myself.
  • Courtney - At least Bridgette tried to do her dare. And Tyler at least got in the chicken pit. Courtney was afraid of GREEN JELLY!!!! LIKE OMG!!!! whats up with that.....
  • Izzy - it wouldnt have mattered if it was her who got the final marshmellow.....she was chased off anyways.
  • Heather - it was her fault her team lost. poor cody.......but i wouldve voted off Cody. he was useless.....
  • Beth - I felt it was her time to go. She did curse her team. WHy risk it right?
  • Sadie - EEEEEE!!!!!......nuff said =D
  • Harold - I mean everyone voted him off.....i wouldve done it too.
  • Harold - BOOBIES!!!! lol one of TDI's top 10 memorable moments.
  • Eva - Im scared....O_O
  • Heather - too bad she won invincibility....trent did screw up...(even though it wasnt his fault)
  • Duncan - Bridgette probably wouldve made it far if it wasnt for his stupid alliance
  • Izzy - Gwen won invincibility....why the heck was she in the bottom????
  • Gwen - Geoff was voted off for being nice.......stupid man lol
  • LeShawna or Owen - If i was voted off and had to pick for one of the final 5 to join me, It wouldnt be Heather, Duncan, or Gwen....i mean WOuld u want to spend time with them with them for 3 more weeks?
  • Owen - NOT MR COCONUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ='(
  • Owen - It was his fault Duncan was eliminated
  • Heather - It was about time. Plus.....this was possibly the highlight of season 1.
  • Owen - Gwen deserved the money waaaaaaaay more than Owen did........enough said.


  • Bridgette and Geoff - LeShawna in the bottom 3 made no sense.
  • Izzy - Ehh she comes back anyways right??
  • Trent - I would have voted him off too
  • Heather - They had the chance to kick her off and they used it on Gwen.....THEIR FRIEND!!!!!
  • Lindsay - Horrible leadership skills....(i love her though).....but DJ did the right thing...=)
  • Justin - Explosivo goes BOOM BOOM and justin lays around trying to skip the challenge
  • Courtney - She had invincibility because she knew they were going to vote her off as soon as they got the chance. She had to cheat.....tsk tsk tsk
  • LeShawna - Heather didnt get her time on the show.....and Shawny the only reason she stayed was because she sucked up to everyone. It doesnt take back what she thinks about everyone. She still thinks about everyone negatively.
  • Either one would be fine with me
  • Harold - NOOOO!!!!! SCRUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Owen + Courtney - ONLY OWEN!!!!! i hate his role. But hey Add Courtney to that List As well
  • Duncan - Beth deserved the money. Most of Duncan's Money is probably going to Juvi to bail him out and to pay his parole officer and city damages and stuff. That would leave him with like no money. Beth All The Way (but i liked duncan too)


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