Yes, this is one of those character analysis and "prediction" blogs. I really just need to get things off of my chest and get some different opinions on who other people think have a shot at winning.

As much as I love them all, I'm rooting for Lindsay, Sierra, Courtney, Mike, or Gwen to win this season. 

Lindsay came so close to actually winning TDA and probably would have if the writers had decided to leave Owen out of the show for once -.-. She has come up with some of the most brilliant plans that have been highly successful and at one point, she carried her team all by herself. She is bubbly and cute and is extremely fun to watch. She has no friendships this season that she can depend on, unlike her first three seasons where she had Beth, Heather, Justin, Owen, Izzy, Leshawna, DJ, and Tyler. She is really on her own, and with competitors like Heather, Alejandro, Courtney, Gwen, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey, she is at a major disadvantage. She is this seasons Underdog, aside from Sam, who I have no doubt will also be one to watch.

Sierra is a major topic of interest at the moment because she was confirmed without Cody being present. She now knows everyone personally and has no one to really fan girl over. We can now see her true potential. We really don't know anything about Sierra other than that she's a huge fan of the show and is in love with Cody. She is a wildcard right now and the mystery of it all is what is driving me to want to root for her.

I think it would actually be interesting seeing Courtney win a season, seeing as how she has been confirmed to be a "Hero" this season, I think watching her throughout the course of Season 5 is something we are all looking forward to. Once again, it's the Mystery that is making me want to root for her. All of her talk about making it to the final 2 constantly is just proving to me that she can make it this season.

Mike is the only male I am rooting for, not because of the four males that for some reason won the show despite only one actually deserving it, but because of his character. Multiple Personality Disorder is a very heavy idea for a children's show like Total Drama. We have seen 4 of his other personalities, and by the sound of it, there will be more. Even though he took control in TDRI, I believe we have only seen a portion of all of his personalities. Some people even say he could easily be this seasons main antagonist. The thought of that excites me and seeing how everyone already knows of Alejandro's, Heather's, Courtney's, Scott's, Lightning's, and Jo's ways, I think it will provide the element of surprise. Plus seeing the way Zoey gets would be nice. I really want to see him surpass her this season and see him crumble and be devestated. I think it will really show us more of Mike as a person. 

Gwen is and always will be one of my favorites. She is the cool goth chick, and the "boyfriend stealer". She really doesn't mean any harm at all to anyone. Things just always end up bad for her and she ends up as a major witch. She was the most concentrated on character of TDI and the first half of TDA, and there is a HUGE reason for that. The writers want us to connect to her and understand her. She is probably the most "dramatic" character on the show because she tends to be realistic. She was runner-up in TDI for the most part. I would not mind seeing her in the final 2 again. I think she needs a shot at redemption. Seeing her going against characters like Courtney, Lindsay, and Mike would be very interesting. And then there is the big news...Gwen is on the Villianous Vultures. She is a villian. Why? I don't know. I would not consider her an antagonist, or even an anti-hero. She is a protagonist. I can already see the conflict between her and Courtney heating up just because they are both on teams most of us think they shouldn't be on. I can't wait to see her.

I strongly believe that Alejandro, Duncan, Heather, Jo, Cameron, and Lightning will not be in the final 5 this season. I predict early(earliar) eliminations for Duncan and Heather than what we are used to, and as for Cameron and Lightning, I feel they will just be dead weights. I can pretty much assume these two will not be the main focuses this season. If what I keep hearing is true, than Jo will be eliminated before the 5th episode. This really doesn't bug me at all. Now time for Alejandro. Alejandro is going to be the guy to watch this season. We can finally figure out what is the deal with him and Heather. Is he ok? Is he still as evil as ever? No one knows anything. Out of all of the confirmed contestants, he came to me as the biggest shock, expecially since he is being voiced by someone completely new. I really want to see how his character plays out and I do think this will be a bit of an "Aftermath" season for him. What are his motives now? 

And as for Sam and Zoey, I can pretty much say that Sam will be one of those characters that is either eliminated first, or final 4 material. He has no real friendships and his girlfriend is not in this season. Out of all of the contestants, he has the worst performance in a season. His confirmation also shocked me because I was expecting Harold to be in, not Sam. Sam could be a game changer. He really could be. It just depends on how much they work on him. 

Zoey is just plain boring. I want to like her. I really do, but there is nothing interesting about her other than she likes Mike and she's an only child who is socially awkward. I felt that she made it too far in TDRI. Seeing her go mad was interesting, but it wasn't delivered well enough for me to enjoy. She is in this season, and she is surrounded by big personalities that are all stronger than she is. I feel like this season, she will lose Mike. She will have nothing and her elimination will be a sad one. I really have nothing to say about her.

And lets all assume that Scott is in, because I read from a reliable source that he is in this season, and if he is not, then oh well. Scott is probably the weakest antagonist in this season. He is not that bright either. His sloppiness is going to be fun to watch and his remarks around Heather, Alejandro, Courtney, and Duncan will be just interesting. He is a tough one to predict for because he is so different in a lot of ways, and similar as well to a lot of the other character. There is no knowing where he will fall.

Something else we all have to really think about is that this is an ALL STARS season, meaning ANYONE CAN WIN. All this "Duncan can't make it far again because he always makes it the final 5 and hogs the screen" talk is 100% irrelevant. In fact, it's probably the reason he is in this season at all. Duncan could easily win this season and that would be okay, because that is what an All Star Season is for. I am betting on a Girl vs Girl finale this season, which makes me want it to be Gwen vs Courtney. 

Now, I'm going to roughly place them in an unofficial, non-prediction, elimination order based off of what I would do as a writer. 

14. Scott - Scott - Scott

13. Heather - Heather - Heather

12. Cameron - Jo - Zoey

11. Jo - Cameron - Jo

10. Sierra - Duncan - Cameron

9. Duncan - Zoey - Duncan

8. Zoey - Sierra - Lightning

7. Sam - Lightning - Sierra

6. Lightning - Sam - Alejandro

5. Lindsay - Alejandro - Gwen

4. Alejandro - Gwen - Sam

3. Mike - Courtney - Lindsay

2. Courtney - Mike - Courtney

1. Gwen - Lindsay -  Mike

I don't know. Just some thoughts I put down for future purposes. All I know is that the writers will keep characters that will make the show dramatic and exciting, as well as the characters that lighten the mood and just sneak by the competition. I am looking forward to it and I just can't wait to watch. --Samtastic450 03:18, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

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