Contestant Countdown

1st Generation (TDI, TDA, TDWT):

24. Ezekiel:

Simply put, he's dead to me. Total Drama Island, he was sexist and a ganster wanna-be; Total Drama Action, he became "money hungry"; Total Drama World Tour, he just died. His views on things just get me so angry, and when a cartoon character gets me angry, I know that's the line. And to think I was starting to like him again at the beginning of TDWT...


23. Harold:

I did like him. I really did. Total Drama Island, he was simply ok until he eliminated Courtney. I felt that to be very low of him. Total Drama Action, he went way up on my rankings. He was actually one of the two that I rooted for to win along with Lindsay. But Total Drama World Tour destroyed him for me. He just became very annoying. Harold is not meant to travel the world. He does just fine at camps and in movies.


22. Trent:

I loved Trent in Total Drama Island. He was just boring though. He has never really been my favorite or my least favorite, not until Total Drama Action when everyone turned against Gwen and made him, the guy who was cheating in the first place, the good guy. He did nothing but lose and a simple "Sorry Grips" solved it all? Umm no. He went even lower in the special when I saw him tell Justin to text his girlfriend and break up with her for him. It's that easy to get rid of a girl huh? I did, however, grow some respect for him in Total Drama World Tour when he was able to get along with Gwen despite their past. Which is why he moved up...2 places >_<


21. Cody:

He annoys me so much. He is just girl crazy. Total Drama Island, I felt he made it farther than he deserved. Total Drama Action, he was just whatever. But Total Drama World Tour is what really did it for me. Cody was always this girl obsessed little boy. He always wanted a girlfriend, and when one finally showed interest in him, he shot her down, numerous times. Sierra did to Cody what Cody did to Gwen. The fact that as soon as Sierra was out of the game, he was eliminated just proves alot to me. He isn't a strong competitor at all.


20. Sierra:

Female Cody, only taller. She is a creeper. She has had very funny moments. Great moments. But the fact that she calls herself a megafan of everyone on Total Drama and only went gaga for one of them just kills her for me. She's a godplayer on top of it all. Her one season wasn't enough to show me how she can truly be, but I really do not want to see anymore of her.


19. Katie and Sadie:

I liked them both. They're just really annoying. I don't want to spend too much time exlpaining for them. They're


18. Leshawna:

Oh Leshawna. A favorite in Total Drama Island. She was strong, loud, proud, and feisty. I loved her. But it wasn't until Total Drama Action where I realized that she is very selfish and two-faced. She is also a suck up. I hate that that is the only reason she wasn't eliminated in Million Dollar Babies. I got even more annoyed in Total Drama World Tour. She became meaner, got angrier easier, and just cared for herself. Heather tried to help her, and she attacked her. She deserved getting eliminated, I only wish she was eliminated before Bridgette.

Dancing leshawna

17. Blaineley:

I simply love her. The only reason she is ranked so low is because I prefer the other 16 over her. She was just a nice touch to Total Drama World Tour and I loved every minute she was on screen.


16. Geoff:

Geoffrey! He is just all around fun. Total Drama Island was a good season for him, but after Bridgette's elimination, he did almost nothing. I enjoyed watching his moments with Gwen and I felt his elimination was at the right moment for him. Total Drama Action was just awful for him. He did nothing but make out with Bridgette. From what I remember, neither of them were like that in the first season until they got together. He did grow pretty antagonistic, especially towards Gwen and Owen. I don't know why, they used to be close. I was glad to see him go back to normal at the end. I loved that he got time away from Bridgette in Total Drama World Tour. He finally got some development for himself, plus he finally gained his own conflict. Blaineley did all the right things to his character. He went up on my list. I like him.


15. Beth:

I don't know why I ranked her in this spot. I honestly think I prefer Geoff over her. But I'm too lazy to move them around. She has an annoying voice, especially in Total Drama Action. She probably wouldn't have made it to the final 2 if it wasn't for Lindsay getting voted off. I don't know. I'm pretty neutral with her.


14. Alejandro:

I thought I would like him more than Justin, and I did. Up until the finale. Since I live in the USA, Heather is my official winner. But the fact that he beat Heather on Canada just sickens me. It is for that sole reason that I moved him down from my top 8 to number 14. It's one of the few times where I'll admit I am being biased. He's a great antagonist, I just don't like that he beat Heather.


13. Eva:

I've always like Eva. I don't know why. I guess when she isn't all mad, she's actually very decent. I would have loved for her to get more development. She would have been amazing in Total Drama World Tour, if it wasn't the Duncan-Gwen-Courtney-Heather-Alejandro show. I always wanted her to be somewhat like the character Jo. Since Jo's introduction, I have felt very hopeless for Eva. I don't think she will ever get another shot at competing.


12. Justin:

I actually like Justin. He is the failed antagonist. He adds humor that just cracks me up. It may be his stupidity, or his obsession with his own looks, I don't know. He is just perfect to me. I have nothing more to say. :)


11. Bridgette:

I'll admit that she wasn't exactly the favorite character in Total Drama Action, and she wasn't all that great in Total Drama World Tour, but she was one of my instant favorites in Total Drama Island. The writers must have also saw something in her since they did put her in all three seasons and made gave her a high ranking in season 1. When she is not around Geoff, she has alot of good stuff. I like her as an individual. Plus, she is super sweet. She is someone I would totally hang out with.


10. Owen:

It's hard for me to hate this guy. I disliked him in Total Drama Action after his return. I felt it was extremely unnecessary, and I hate that he "ranks 3rd". But he redeemed himself in Total Drama World Tour. He is a crowd pleasure and a comic relief that we all have enjoyed at one point or another.


9. Courtney:

I hate that love her. She is mean, nasty, spoiled, rotten, and extremely smart and strong. Her ways aren't exactly...effective, but she does things that she believes is right...except when she is angry. I've noticed that Duncan is the pit of all her problems. When he was out of the picture, she was extremely nice and sweet, especially to Gwen. I am glad she made it to the merge in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour. She is a real drama queen and a great crowd pleasure.


8. Izzy:



7. Noah:

Noah, the brains, is one of everyone's favorites. I honestly believe he is in fact gay. But you know kid's shows. They can't really show much. None the less, he is a great character and had possibly the most shocking elimination in Total Drama World Tour. He needs a come back because I have not had enough Noah yet. He is hilarious.


6. Lindsay:

Another character that I have yet to see on anyone's bad side. She is super sweet and adorable and I always teared up a little at her eliminations. She could have won Total Drama Action. She was becoming an independent character with many dimensions. I would have prefered her in the finale over Beth, but what you gonna do? I love her so much and I still have not had enough Lindsay.

Lindsay is vote happy

5. DJ:

It's strange that I like him so much. He is the kind of guy I would love to be related to. He needs to win a season. He needs a girlfriend. He needs more development. I always loved pairing him up with Eva and Katie. I think he would be an amazing boyfriend to anyone. He is a really sweet guy and is probably the only person from the original cast that I can say actually deserves the money. He doesn't get the attention he deserves.


4. Tyler:

He is just so amazing in every way. He is funny, charming, and so stupid. It's adorable. He got some great development in Total Drama World Tour and I would have prefered if he and Noah both made it to the merge instead of Owen and Duncan. But whacha gonna do? He really cares about Lindsay, which I find amazing. I just don't know what to say about him. (I make an amazing Tyler impression xD) He is up this high on my rankings for a reason that I'm not even quite sure of. O.o


3. Duncan:

Everyone loves Duncan, but they also hate him. I have never hated him. In fact, I am glad he made it far in every season. He is obviously one of, if not the, favorite of the writers. He does cause quite a lot of drama, which is great. His overall design is on of my favorites as well. His voice is also very...breath taking? He isn't as tough as he comes off as either. His relationship with Gwen is one of the more beautiful relationships because she brings out the best in Duncan, unlike Courtney who brought out the worst in him. I'll admit, he hasn't always made the smartest choices, but he is still a nice guy. Just don't tell him I said so x)

Duncan audition

2. Gwen:

For a while, she was my favorite, but then I realized I love Heather. Gwen has been the "bad guy" in Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour, which I find total bull. Trent is the one that screwed up in Total Drama Action, not Gwen. Gwen would have made it far too if it wasn't for him. He ruined her chances and gave her a bad reputation, which is why I ranked him so low. She swayed in the background a lot in Total Drama World Tour up until Duncan's return. I wish she was more focused on as an individual, not as Duncan's and Trent's girlfriend. She is smart, fierce, and quite handy. She has won more challenges than any other competitor (fact) and has proven to be a favorite of people who don't usually like the others, (I.e. Chef). I rooted for her to win in Total Drama Island, though I was happy Owen won instead of her. I love her so much, and her design is just amazing. Haters Gonna Hate, but who cares.

Gwen&#039;s Vlog Site

1. Heather:

I SIMPLY LOVE HER. She has never been a bad character. She has gotten probably the most development out of every character, She was the mean girl that cared about no one. She just wanted to win no matter what the cost was. She didn't care who she hurt in the process. Total Drama Island would not have been Dramatic without her. After her elimination, she had extreme trouble trying to fit in with everyone else. No one wanted her to be around them and just did not trust her. She was forced to get along with her teammates in Total Drama Action and proved to be an excellent team player. By the end of her run in season 2, she seems to have finally grown some compassion. She looked after DJ and even cheered on her team. The fact that she was eliminated because Leshawna sucked up just ticks me off, but hey, she had a good run. Total Drama World Tour was her season. She tried to go back to her evil ways, but after catching on to Alejandro's true self, she seemed to sway away from that initial thought. She wanted to win and proved to be an amazing competitor. She tried to help others (Leshawna, Sierra, Courtney, Cody, Gwen, DJ, and of course, Alejandro), something she had never done before. She fairly made it to the final 2 and was the "good guy". I somehow knew she would take down Alejandro, something no one else was able to do. She deserved the win she got (Hey! I live in America. She is my official winner.) and I saw that as the perfect ending to the first generation. She really proved to be that she is the star of Total Drama. She went from the meanest girl to one of the good guys, which is impressive. I can go on and on and one about why I love her so much, but I won't. She will always be my number one.


Second Generation (TDRI):

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